The Cure

A medical condition can hurt a girl in the most vulnerable place -- her confidence.
And hurting a girls confidence?
This girl isn't going to recover anytime soon.

Three years after being diagnosed with the unattractive, torturous tourettes, an impulsive action that must be done or the person gets wildly uncomfortable and stressed, Thalia is still searching desperately for something to reduce the impulse.
But it's harder than you think when the antidote is being calm - and in a world Thalia thinks is against her, she battles to keep her head above the waves of a storm she'd been expecting for so long: but an unexpected person changes all of that, and Thalia finds everything she's worked so hard to build up, to protect herself until she's cured, come crumbling down around her.
And then somebody tries to kill her.

Based on true medical issues.


16. Building Blocks


"What do you see?"

"That's it?"

"That's it."

Flou opened her eyes, and she looked puzzled, but not scared. The younger girl hadn't been scared for a good two weeks now, and it was a new personal record.

However, Thalia took no time to congratulate her. She chewed at her nails, watching the little girl closely. And then she sighed, running her hand through her hair.

"You've lost your psychic powers now you've been adopted, haven't you?" Flou's eyes hardened, and she shook her head.

"No!" She cried. "I haven't! I can do it, just not today!" But she was in denial.

It'd been four days since she'd had a vision; and that had just been Alec attacking a wall in their old house, distressed. Thalia had gone over and calmed him; but it was clear the two weren't as close any more.

They were meeting up today, after Thalia had counselling (which Alec had been kicked out from, despite not being in charge of his actions) about finding the man that could or could not still be out there waiting to kill her, to attack Alec again.

Thalia fixed a long look at Flou, and the younger girl stood quickly, paced the room, a nervous habit her and her brother shared.

And then she stopped, and looked back at Thalia.

She had her jaw set in place, and her fists clenched. It was hard to look at something so pretty, and so vulnerable, become something powerful and in control all the time; and Thalia blinked, still getting used to this new girl.

Flou stepped forwards then, and she let out a long breath.

"They won't let me see Alec," And the subject change caught Thalia off guard.

She reached out to steady herself, and scowled, hard.


"Ms Green won't let me see Alec. Not until I've settled down. Not until he's stable. I overheard them talking. They're going to try and get a restraining order. They say he upsets me." And Flou was no longer in charge. Tears sprung to her eyes, and she ran to Thalia, wrapping her arms tightly around her waist, slightly aware of her back, and she gripped on to her hips instead, like her life depended on it. Thalia gripped back, hugging the last she had to Alec, and she struggled not to burst into tears as well.

"I'm sure they will." She soothed. "They're just worried about you."

"I don't want them to worry about me! I want them to worry about Alec. I want them to give him a home as well!" 

"They can't do that, Flou. You heard the Doctor. Alec needs to be alone. Being put with people he hasn't met before can spark a dangerous streak in him again ... and the pills ... they could react again ..."

"But it's just so unfair! I want my brother back!"

"I know, Flou. I know." The younger girl pulled back, and she wiped at her tears with her palm. She took Thalia's hand, and despite herself, she smiled slightly.

"Alec's lucky to still have you," She whispered. "So am I. I don't know what I would do if I hadn't seen you in the vision that one time." You'd still be with Alec.

But your dad would still be abusing you.

But at least you'd still be with Alec ...

Thalia swallowed hard, nodding, and she squeezed the younger girl's hand. Her eyes caught sight of the door handle rattling before they could say anything else to one another, and Ms Green moved in. She took one look at Thalia, and her nose wrinkled slightly.

And then she looked straight to Flou.

"Hello, darling! Come on, your dance lessons are starting in five minutes! Need to get there quickly!" Flou's face dropped slightly, but when she looked to Thalia, the older girl saw the fake smile plastered on her lips.

"I'll see you soon, eh?" Thalia managed a weak smile back, and the two girls hugged hard. Flou then ran to get into the car without looking back.

Ms Green looked a long time at Thalia, and folding an apron over her arm, she suddenly looked everywhere but at her.

"I think you shouldn't come here anymore," She spoke quietly, coldly, and Thalia stole a second to compose herself.

"Excuse me?"
"I think you shouldn't come here anymore. You're affecting our daughters health, and her safety. You're putting her at risk from Alec." Thalia wanted to explode then.

Scream about how Flou wasn't her daughter.

That Alec wasn't some madman.

That she wasn't going to hurt Flou.

But she didn't. She just nodded, knowing when to back out of a fight, and mustered up a stiff smile.

"Sorry, Ma'am." She said. "I won't come here again ... but Flou and I are still going to see each other, no matter what, okay?" She had learnt a few things from Alec, and the look he gave people he wanted to agree with him, well, she'd been practising.

And she used it now on Ms Green; and the older lady squirmed uncomfortably for a second or two, and then nodded.

Thalia then marched out of the house, glanced quickly at a crying Flou in the car - but there was nothing she could do without angering Ms Green - and towards counselling, heart pounding, flushed in the face, and feeling so lost and confused without Alec.

And she fought to get through the next two hours so she could go and see him once again.




Alec shoved his hands further into his pockets, and Thalia raised an eyebrow.

"I thought we were going for a coffee?" She asked. Alec shrugged, and let himself into her house. Thalia rolled her eyes, shutting the door behind him.

"We are ... you have a coffee machine, right?" She laughed.

"Who doesn't?" And she kicked off her shoes, and hung her coat back up, leaving her purse and phone in the pockets, and followed Alec into the kitchen. He had already taken a seat at the table, looking more comfortable and relaxed in her house than she'd ever seen him, and she rolled her eyes once again. She switched on the kettle, and perched up against the unit as it whistled throughout the house.

Luckily, her mum was having one of those rare days where she and Jeminia were spending the day together, before Jeminia had to go back up to Harrogate for Two Star Army Training, meaning Thalia and Alec had the house to themselves.

The pair had slowly been getting better. They smiled a little at each other; talked more; laughed more - he'd even kissed her the last time they saw each other a day ago. It was a work in progress, they both knew it, but it was better than nothing.

As Thalia turned to make the drinks, she heard Alec get up from his seat, both refused to look to see where he was going, respecting his privacy.

And then, suddenly, arms were wrapping around her, and he hugged her hard, a move that could've been especially dangerous with Thalia balancing a hot, steaming kettle in one hand, and a china cup that could easily smash and cut their body, in the other. But all the same, it was nice, relaxing, and the younger teenager leant heavily into his chest.

He kissed her neck, a move that hadn't been done for weeks, and it sent a shiver up and down Thalia's body. She finished with the coffees, and turned around quickly, wrapping her arms around Alec's neck. And she pressed her lips against his.

He kissed back just as fierce, almost automatically.

The coffees soon grew cold.




Alec traced his fingers over the scar on her back as Thalia cuddled closer.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. And he hugged her closer to his bare chest. Thalia wormed her head further into the crook of his neck, and breathed out slowly, sleepily.

"It doesn't matter."
"It does! I - I hurt you -"
"It wasn't you in control." He pulled back sharply, and Thalia blinked, dazed slightly as he met her gaze head on.

"But that doesn't give me the permission to stab you!"

"It wasn't you who did it anyway, was it?" His jaw locked in place, and for a second, Thalia was afraid his bipolar was about to swing out of control.

However, he just took her back in his arms and he kissed every inch of her face, until they were laughing, and the subject had become a distant memory.

It was silent for a few seconds after that.

And then the subject turned dark again.

"They won't let me see her," Alec mumbled suddenly. "They won't let me see Flou. They say I'll hurt her ... and I know they're right but it's - it's not fair. She's my sister. I need her! I need to know she's safe ..."

"They won't let me see her anymore either," Thalia sighed. "But that's not going to stop me. And it's not going to stop you, either. We're going to keep seeing her. She's not theirs. She's ours. She's yours. And I spoke to her today. She misses you." Alec's bottom lip wobbled slightly, and Thalia winced, and kissed it quickly. "Don't get upset about this, okay? We'll get her back. I know we will."

"She no longer psychic, is she?" Thalia blinked, taken aback, and once she'd composed herself, she shook her head slowly.

"How did you know?"

"She can't see that this is a bad move. That it's going to hurt all of us with her leaving."

"But she's safer there than she is with us ..."

"She's safer with me. With you. You could do her so much better than I could,"
"Alec," Thalia squeezed his shoulders reassuringly. "You're the best brother anybody could have, okay? Don't let other people's opinions of you change who you think you are. You're perfect!"

Alec smiled then, and he pulled her naked body closer to his.

"Thank you." He whispered, and the closeness of his lips to her ear made her shiver. His hands gently ran down her spine, and his grin soon turned mischievous.

Thalia laughed, and raised an eyebrow. 

"Our coffees are probably cold now." She whispered as he rolled her underneath him. The sparkle in his eyes were the best thing she'd ever seen.

"Good. And they're gonna get colder." And then he kissed her hard, and everything Thalia ever worried about, slowly slipped out of proportion, and she let Alec rid her of all her negativity.

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