The Cure

A medical condition can hurt a girl in the most vulnerable place -- her confidence.
And hurting a girls confidence?
This girl isn't going to recover anytime soon.

Three years after being diagnosed with the unattractive, torturous tourettes, an impulsive action that must be done or the person gets wildly uncomfortable and stressed, Thalia is still searching desperately for something to reduce the impulse.
But it's harder than you think when the antidote is being calm - and in a world Thalia thinks is against her, she battles to keep her head above the waves of a storm she'd been expecting for so long: but an unexpected person changes all of that, and Thalia finds everything she's worked so hard to build up, to protect herself until she's cured, come crumbling down around her.
And then somebody tries to kill her.

Based on true medical issues.


19. Author's Note

Hey guys,


If you're reading this, it most likely means that you liked this movella. If so, would you like to see another one like this?


I tend to write upon real medical conditions, and was wondering if you any of you guys have any conditions you would like me to cover?


With the Mute Girl, I covered a Mute girl and a Blind boy - both conditions as well that affect people in everyday life.


With the Cure, I covered a girl with Tourettes and a Bipolar boy.


I have also briefly touched on a paralysed from the waist down women and insomniac boy, however this hasn't been completed yet.


So, once again - is there anything you guys want me to cover? If not, that's fine! Just looking for more material to write!!

Thanks again, guys! Keep on reading, and I hope your own writing gets better!




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