Grab my Hips and Kiss my Lips



3. Shit Happens

He looked up at me with his head down, biting his lip nervously, “Say something. Please say something.” He was now sitting off the side of the bed with his hands folded and his head down as I paced around the room, “what do you expect me to say Luke?” That’s not what I meant to say but my head was racing, I sat down on his lap, put my arms around to where my hands were resting behind his ears and said, “He has got nothing on you.” I wrapped my legs around his torso and he walked us out side to watch the sun set. We sat out in the sand with our hands glued together and talked while the sun went down.

It was around midnight when we finally went back in and I had totally forgot to call my foster parents I had 36 messages from my foster mom. I realized that she still didn’t know about Luke and me so I told her I was spending the night at his place, not like she’d care. After I called my foster mom Luke made us something to eat while we watched T.V. Luke and I spent most of the night talking until eventually went back into the bedroom and fell asleep, we were too tired to do anything else. I woke up with Lukes arms around me, “finally up, sleepyhead?’ He said a few seconds later. I turned around and he kissed me good morning. He moved so that he was laying on top of me his hands next to my head with his arms bent so he was only about an inch away from me, He slid his tongue down my throat, I let him explore for a while but eventually sat up, “Luke it’s too early let me sleep.” I said, he laid back down next to me and I let his hands wander around under my shirt I could feel him tracing around my rib cage, and eventually I fell back asleep.

Lukes POV

“Hemmings are you up? I made breakfast.” I looked up and I could see Lexi walking around in her unbuttoned white shirt and black underwear. Why can’t I wake up to this every morning, I thought to myself. “Ya, just a second.” I stumbled into the kitchen half awake, “What time is it?” I asked “I have no clue, my phone is dead and Im almost positive that the clocks are all wrong, it’s probably about 8:30.” She said. “All right, do you want to go out to lunch, there’s an Italian place a few blocks away.” I said. “Ya sounds good, we should probably leave around 2:30.” I just agreed silently. A minute later she brought over breakfast although neither of us were hungry so she sat on my lap, her legs intersecting mine, and we just talked. I could feel myself start to lose control, “this is what you do to me.” I said biting my lip I could see her smile while she shifted herself to wrap her legs around me, I held her tightly by the her hips and stood up her arms wrapped around my neck and pressed my lips to hers. I moaned as her hands traveled down my neck to my waist. I layed her down on the bed, she took off her shirt, I walked away. “Hemmings, why do you have to be such a tease?” I just smirked. I went back in the bedroom and laid down with her, she took my arm and traced my tattoos with her finger until she fell asleep. I woke her up about an hour later so we could eat, she took a shower and we left. “Babe, as much as I don’t want to we have to talk about Ash, he’s one of my best friends.” I said hesitantly but I knew it had to be done. “How long have you known, when did he tell you?” She said

“He told me Thursday night and now he thinks that I’m only with you because he told me he loves you.” I said.

“Oh well, he can think whatever he wants I only care about you.” She replied

“And that’s great but Ash is my best friend.”

Lexis Pov

Ugh I don’t want to talk about Ashton, I don’t want him getting in the way of me and Luke. Im scared Luke will find out what happened between Ash and I, “Luke can we please drop it.” I said nervously

“Ya, whatever.” Luke said annoyed.

“Luke don’t be angry. I said

“Im not, ok. Let’s just go.”

I hate it when hes angry at me but I couldn’t risk him finding out. We walked back to the house and I sat out in the sand before going inside. I couldn’t help but thinking about Ashton, I love Luke I really do and I don’t want to ruin what we have because of one night with Ashton. Luke came out and sat down next to be, I laid my head in his chest, “Luke… How did your parents die?”

“Lexi, I’m not ready to talk about it.” He said staring at his feet.

“Luke it’s been 8 years, believe me I know what it’s like. Plus You’re going to have to talk about it sooner or later.”

“How?! How do you know? You don’t know everything Lexi.” At this point I was used to Lukes temper so it didn’t bother me.

“Have you forgotten, my parents are dead too!” I wasn’t angry but I had to try to get through to him, but he just stared at me with his electric blue eyes and walked away. A few hours later we got back on his bike and drove home, I stayed with him at his place for a the rest of the school year after that. Ever since I was little I was always jealous of Luke, when his parents died he got to go live with his best friend, and I have stupid foster parents that only care about getting their check. When Luke first moved in with Ashton it was just them two and Ashton’s parents and when they turned 17 they got emancipated and bought their own house with Mike and Calum.

It was a Gorgeous Thursday night beginning of summer and I sat on Luke’s bed thinking for a while, I turn 18 next month and I get kicked out of the foster system, which I’m cool with but I have nowhere to live. I know I could live here but I don’t think I should, not after what happened with Ash. Luke walked in so I pretended to be sleeping, which wasn’t the smartest plan considering he was about to lay down next to me.

“Lexi, whats wrong?” He asked when he layed down.

“Im getting kicked out of the system next month and I have no where to live.”

“Move in here. You practically live with us anyway!” He said enthusiastically

“I cant. Ashton wouldn’t let me.”

“Well then it would be Ashton against Calum, Mikey, and I, and we both know who would win that fight.”

“Luke, you don’t understand.

“Lexi, what is going on? I won’t ask twice.” I was so scared of loosing him and I was scared that if I didn’t tell him it would make it worse when he found out.

“Luke I, I slept with Ashton.” I said forcedly

“YOU CHEATED!?” He said eyes widening with anger.

“No, I didn’t cheat. Not on you at least, it was a mistake it happened months before you and I even kissed!”

“Oh, I see you’ll sleep with him but not me!?” He said looking devastated

“Luke! It was a mistake, we were talking and it just happened.”

“Sleeping with someone isn’t the type of thing that “just happens”.”

“Please Luke let me explain! It was a mistake.” He stood up to leave, I grabbed his wrist stood up and kissed him, I jumped around his waist and allowed him to slide his tongue into my mouth. My hands were entangled in his messy blond hair, I could feel his hands slowly go down my back. He threw me down on his/our bed I sat up and watched him take his shirt off I let my hand slide down his abs. He pushed my shoulders and I fell so I was completely laying on my back and he was on top of me we both sat up on our knees so I could take my shirt off and immediately after it was off he slid his tongue back into my mouth, I lowered myself so I was laying on my back again while Luke leaned over me, putting his arms down on the bed to keep him hovering over me and not for one second did our lips part.

I woke up snuggled in Luke’s bare chest, it felt so right, he didn’t know I was up so I fell back asleep while he wrapped himself around me like a blanket. I woke up facing him. “Morning beautiful.” He smirked, I nodded in acknowledgment I was too tired to say anything. I was still amazed about last night. I knew he would be good, I had no idea he’d be that good. I rolled onto my back and stretched my arms in front of me. “Do you want to go out to breakfast or would you rather stay here?” He said sleepily

“Let’s go out, I’m starving and I don’t feel like making anything.”

“Ok, let me grab a shower and we’ll go” He said, a minute or so later I got up and started rummaging through our dresser, I always kept most of my stuff over there cause I spent the night a lot. I threw on my white skinny jeans, a black shirt that had a gold zipper down the V-neck, and my black on black converse. I headed over to the bathroom in the hallway, since Luke was in our bathroom, to do my makeup and my hair. I quickly did my eyeliner and mascara and then spiked my blue and violet pixie cut. By the time I got back to our bedroom Luke was already ready to go so we left. We took Lukes motorcycle over to a diner a few blocks away.

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