Grab my Hips and Kiss my Lips



1. Alex and Hemmings


I pushed up the rim of my glasses and looked up from my book. Luke Hemmings the school bad boy was standing in front of me. I cleared my throat, "Can I help you?" I said, rather annoyed. He started talking, I'm not sure what he said I was kind of busy thinking of what Id do to him if I had the chance. "Lexi! Are you listening to me, come on you can't still be mad!!"

"Oh. And why not" I said starting to get angry.

"Because, I've said I'm sorry a hundred times."

"That doesn't make it true, you almost killed us Hemmings!"

"I know and it was..."

"FUCK OFF HEMMINGS!" I yelled as I stormed off. I got to the library and thankfully no one was there so I plopped my self down on the couch and picked up my book. I got a good 30 seconds of reading in before I looked up and saw Luke approaching.

Somethings you should know; Luke and I have been best friends ever since 5th grade, he's always been a bad boy and I've always been slightly in love with him. Second, I have a boyfriend but we aren't that serious. I only told him I'd go out with him to keep my mind off Luke. Third right before school started this year Luke and I were going to the beach on his motorcycle and he started driving all crazy. Long story short we almost crashed. Next I call him Luke or just Hemmings and he calls me Lexi, short for Alex. He never calls me Alex. He lives with his friends Ashton, Mike, and Calum and we are all very close friends. Also both Luke’s parents and mine are dead but he never told me how his parents died. Last, I accidentally slept with Ashton at the beginning of the summer

I put my book in my bag and headed toward the door and boy was I close to making a clean getaway. He grabbed my arm about 5 feet away from the door and swung me around and kissed me. I was in shock. I had never been kissed like that. I had never been kissed by him! I didn't know what to do so I backed away and slowly looked into his gorgeous blue eyes and he looked down at me straight into my eyes and said, "Yeah. I knew. I've always known." I turned around and right before I could take a step he swung me around and kissed me again "I can do this all day." He smirked while biting his lip ring. “God Hemmings haven't you fucked me up enough for one week, you almost killed both of us now you have to go playing with my emotions. I have a boyfriend ya know?"

"Ya. I know but that won't stop me." He said while he did that stupidly sexy thing where he raised the right side of his top lip and opened his bottom jaw just a little bit. I could have just died right there. That could have easily been the end of me. "Luke, seriously I have to get to class. And don't go getting any ideas we are just friends!"

"What if I don't want to be just friends? What if I want more than that?"

"Hemmings I love you. But you’re losing it. Remember you don't go out with nerds" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Babe... I'm not losing it. I know you want me. Calum told me!"

"Don't call me babe you idiot. And just because Calum says it doesn't make it true. We've been over this!" I said. I'm so mad at Calum, I thought to myself. He told me he wouldn’t tell.

"Lexi, come on I know you’re mad but I bet I know something that could cheer you up." He said before grabbing my waist pulling me close and kissing me again. I want him. I do but he's just doing this to get me to forgive him... I think.

"Ya. I bet you do. So how bout you spare me the breath and just leave already." I said trying hard not to cave in. But then he grabbed my waist kissed me and I gave up. I loved the way his hands felt on my waist and I loved the way his lips felt on mine. His hands went up through my shirt and wandered around my naked torso. His hands were so relaxing it was like right there on my body was exactly where they were supposed to be. It was magical but then I backed off. I didn't want the trouble.

"Fine, I admit it. I made it up Cal really didn't tell me anything but I just thought that maybe you did like me. I hoped you liked me. I guess I was wrong." He said as he stormed away. I was so shocked the only thing I could do was grab his wrist and kiss him before I lost him. I wasn't sure what he was making up and what was truth but that feeling, that was real. At least for me it was. "I'm not sure if what you’re saying is true but if it's not you need to tell me right now before you lose me forever.

"Lexi. You’re not like other girls. I know that and I know that you know that. And that's what I've always loved about you, you just don’t give a shit. I've always wanted you and only you.

Luke, I know how you treat other girls. And I'm not going to be one of them. So save yourself the time. And go find someone else."

"It has always been you. Ever since we were 10 years old. It's always been you for 7 years I've watched you drool over other guys and kiss other guys the way that I've always wanted to kiss you. And I can't do it anymore. I love you and you’re my best friend but I just wanted to know if we could possibly be something more..."

"Luke Hemmings you'll be the death of me. I do love you, but like I said, I know how you treat girls and I’m not going to be next. How do you think I feel seeing you go after every girl that catches your eye? I can’t do it, I’d only be setting myself up for failure. I turned around and felt a tear fall down my face I wiped it careful not to let Luke see then started to walk away.

"Alex. Don't leave me like this." My jaw dropped. 7 years and not once has he ever called me Alex. I turned around to watch tears fall out of his piercing blue eyes. And I knew that this had to be real. Luke is no actor. Luke couldn't act if his life depended on it.

"Kiss me one more time and I'll know if it's real. But if it's not. God help you Hemmings" he bit his lip ring and leaned in to kiss me... "excuse me shouldn't you be in class" the question came from a little old lady, the librarian. Luke and I looked at each other and walked down the hall as if nothing happened. My heart dropped when he said "ok Lexi see you after class." And walked away. I found my seat in trig next to Calum and silently sobbed. I told him that Luke called me Alex. I told him everything that happened and I told him how Luke just stood there and left like nothing ever happened. To anyone else this wouldn't be a surprise because absolutely no one other than Luke calls me Lexi. But to Cal it looked like the world had ended. “I’m so sorry Alex." Cal said. I know how much you care about Luke and I know how much Luke cares about you but you have to warm up to him."

"7 years and he's still not ready to show any type of emotion towards me!" *The bell rang* I only saw Luke once again that day in the hallway and he was still pretending nothing ever happened.

"Cal. I'm worried. It's been 3 weeks since Luke and I kissed and he hasn't even said 3 words to me."

"I'm sorry Alex. I don't know what happened he hasn't talked to me either or mike or Ashton. And we live with him. They don't know about what happened with you two but their worried."

I got in my car after school, put my seat belt on, checked my phone in hopes that Luke had texted or something, then started the car. The door opened and Luke sat down. "Luke I told you not to play with my feelings, and you did. Get out of my car!"

"Lexi, let me explain please."

"What. One day you’re in love with me and the next it goes back to being the same way it has been for 7 fucking years!?..." I had more to say but before the words could escape my mouth he grabbed my face and kissed me slowly. It was the most incredible kiss ever. He backed away and said, "Real or not real?" And opened the door but before he could leave I grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face me, "real" I said as we started to kiss.

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