It all started with a text

Hello, my name is Angela. I live in New York with my friend Rebecca, then sometime a stranger texted me, and that´s the start of my life....
If YOU want to know more read and find out...


1. 1.

Hey i'm Angela, i live in New york with my friend Rebecca. I work at a little coffe shop, on the corner of cloudavenue. I love it there it´s like my favorite place in the world!!

-Angela!!! You have to get up now!! You get work in 5 minutes!!! 

-Urgh... I don´t want to!!!! 

-But you have to!!! 


I get out of my bed, and took some old clothers. Ripped jeans and a loose shirt, love it! i went downstairs to Rebecca, and grabbed a toast.

-What are you going to do today, when i´m at work? 

-I don´t know.. Maybe read a book or something?

-Okay sounds like a great idea. I have to go to work, see you later! 

-See ya.

Goes out the door and walks to the coffe shop. I love the smell in New York, it feels like home.

-Hey Marcus! 

Marcus is my boss, he is like the best boss in the world! He let me use my phone at work, i just have to do my work good. 

-Hi Angela. Wassup?

-I´m good thx.

Laughs and goes behind the counter, getting ready to serve the first costumer. 

-Hello sir. What can i do for you? 

-Hello. I would like a dounut and a cup of coffe.

-Yes sir.

I make him the cup of coffe, and finds a dounut to him.

-That will be 15 dollars.

He nodded and gave the money to me.

-Thank you and have a good day sir.

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