The Center Of My Galaxy

Its wasn't expected that there would be a girl named Galaxy ,but there is .

15 year old Galaxy Roberts is a girl in desperate need of saving. She is abused emotionally and physically at both home and school . It is so bad that she hardly attends school anymore without a broken jaw , busted lip, or some other brutal injury . When her mother died when Galaxy was 5 , thats when things started to go down hill for the young girl.

Everytime she tries to run away, her father or his friends always find her and she is put on lock down .

But what if one day when she is on a early morning walk, she runs into 5SOS's Luke Hemmings?


5. New home


Luke's POV

I was determined to save Galaxy from that hellhole i just walked into , and i am thankful that i actually did. I planned on helping the girl as much as i could. My heart shattered when i realized that she is 15, she isnt legal to live on her own or anything just yet. She could get taken away. We havent even known eachother for a full day yet i feel like i cant live without her . I havent felt this way since Brihanna left me last year, she cheated on me . Luckily i had the guys to cheer me up and hopefully Galaxy can help me heal and maybe i can help repair the broken angel she is . I then decided that one of the boys could adopt her . Then after we finish touring here in California , we can move back to LA and Galaxy can be away from all this .


By the time we got to my house ,that i of course share with the rest of the band , i look over to the passangers side to see Galaxy asleep. I didnt want to disturb her but i had to wake her up so she can meet the boys....hopefully she will let them in ...and help me repair her broken heart. She needs a family by her side ...a real one. 



We walked inside the large mansion and the boys were in the living room waiting for us .."Guys meet my new friend , Galaxy..."

"Isnt she the one you saved from a oncoming truck?"Michael asked.

"How did you know..."I asked.

" is pissed off.....your all over the internet ...look.."Ashton said before showing me something that made my heart drop.




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