The Center Of My Galaxy

Its wasn't expected that there would be a girl named Galaxy ,but there is .

15 year old Galaxy Roberts is a girl in desperate need of saving. She is abused emotionally and physically at both home and school . It is so bad that she hardly attends school anymore without a broken jaw , busted lip, or some other brutal injury . When her mother died when Galaxy was 5 , thats when things started to go down hill for the young girl.

Everytime she tries to run away, her father or his friends always find her and she is put on lock down .

But what if one day when she is on a early morning walk, she runs into 5SOS's Luke Hemmings?


3. Moving Out

Luke's POV

All i wanted to do was to go to starbucks and get a afternoon coffee, but i ended up saving the most beautiful girl i have ever laid my eyes on. WOW ! Luke what are you thinking ?! You just met her and its in the most unexpected way. But i could not help but marvel at her beauty . Her long sky blue scene hair that i would die to grip and stroke while we are in bed asleep. To look into her beautiful chocolate brown eyes as we are making.... STOP!! This isnt you luke ! 



She was shaking the whole entire time while she was leading me to her home. She refused to speak when i attempted to make small conversation . She seemed very shy and closed off . I then catch sight of her pulling at the sleeves of her jumper . Gripping her skin very tightly . 

"Are you alright ? Whats wrong?"I asked , making another attempt to make her speak . 

"I...i am okay..."She said hesitantly.

She kept giving me directions to her house before i parked my car in front of a very small house , small enough to hold no more 5 people . I wonder how she could stand to be in a place like this . It makes me happy that i am taking her out of here and having her live with me . As weird as this will sound, i feel like she belongs with me . I felt a connection immediately after i saved her from getting hit by a truck . I was hesitant but i reached over the middle consol and i took her hand , giving it a comforting squeeze .

"Would you like me to come with you?"

She nodded and we got out of the car and i took her hand again before we entered the small home . When i walked into the house it reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke. I felt a pang of guilt in my chest , and sorrow hit me like a ton of bricks. The house was fairly clean except for the bottles of alcohol lining the living room and the horrible stench of cigarettes .

I reached over and grabbed Galaxy's hand , remembering her name , and she gave me a small smile. 

"Its going to be okay...."I assured her . She nodded and she gripped my hand tightly before leading me through the house .

We entered what i assume is her room and she pulled out a duffle bag and began to pack . I found her backpack and i began helping her pack. 

"Well what do we have here....." A menacing voice said from behind me . I turn around to see a older man who i assume i her piece of shit father ..i didnt have time to react before i was hit in the head, blacking out.



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