The Center Of My Galaxy

Its wasn't expected that there would be a girl named Galaxy ,but there is .

15 year old Galaxy Roberts is a girl in desperate need of saving. She is abused emotionally and physically at both home and school . It is so bad that she hardly attends school anymore without a broken jaw , busted lip, or some other brutal injury . When her mother died when Galaxy was 5 , thats when things started to go down hill for the young girl.

Everytime she tries to run away, her father or his friends always find her and she is put on lock down .

But what if one day when she is on a early morning walk, she runs into 5SOS's Luke Hemmings?


2. Meeting my soulmate?



Galaxy's POV

Well school wasnt any different then past days. I surely recieved my normal amount of beatings, if not that then more . But one good thing that came out of it is that i got to speak to my "friend" Tyler today. He recently changed classes and he apparently has nearly the same classes as me now. He sat beside me at lunch and we talked the whole time , making eachother laugh . But i feel bad cause he got bullied for hanging out with me but that doesnt stop him from hanging out with me . In the beginning like i said , we never really spoke until i asked him for a tattoo earlier in the year . We haven't know each other for long anyway but today it kinda changed cause he is talking to me now. I have always seen him around school in the previous years but we never had any kind of contact . 


I sighed when i remembered that i had to head home , i am possibly going to be greated by another beating for sure. I was texting tyler on my blackberry when i heard a truck horn , i turned and i saw that i was in the middle of the road and the large  was coming towards me. I was too scared to move so i was just frozen in my spot . I opened my mouth to let out a scream but i felt strong arms wrap around me and jerk me backwards, causing us both to fall and me land on top of the person. I look up from the paced breathing chest and i see that i am on top of the one and only , Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer . I gasped and got off of him , seeing the paparazzi starting to crowd around us and take a thousand pictures at a time . 


I felt fresh tears sting in my chocolate orbs . I looked down at the blonde and he had a look of both relief and terror blasting through his perfect blue eyes. I sighed and i felt a tear finally escape. Luke got himself up and he didnt seem to care the paparazzi were here at the moment cause he came over to me and pulled me into a tight hug. I just stood there frozen. 

"Are you alright love? "He asked before pulling away,but having a tight grip on both of my arms . I refused to speak or meet his gaze. After a few moments of silence , he seemed to realize why i wasnt speaking.

"Can i take you somewhere , to get away from the paparazzi ?"He asked in his darling australian accent . 

I was hesitant but i nodded and he began to pull me away from the paparrazi . I didnt think about what could come out of this but if it ended up with me escaping my home for a while then i would take it . 


"Alright , your results are back Ms.Roberts .... i dont think there is anything wrong with you....your lucky that Luke here saved you."The doctor said . Luke had taken me to the doctor immediately after the almost accident , and he demanded me to get checked just in case. He made sure the doctor made his appearance here confidential and that he isnt to give any information to the  paparazzi or anyone who asks that isnt approved by ourselves.


Luke insisted to walk me home but i teared up and violently shook my head.

" you dont want to go home ..why?"

"Because...i i cant say..."

" does someone hurt you..." He asked concerned .

All i could do was nod .

" how old are you...."

"I just turned 15 today..." I said .

Luke paused for a moment before speaking .

"i know this is crazy but pack your things ...your coming to stay with me...."


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