The Center Of My Galaxy

Its wasn't expected that there would be a girl named Galaxy ,but there is .

15 year old Galaxy Roberts is a girl in desperate need of saving. She is abused emotionally and physically at both home and school . It is so bad that she hardly attends school anymore without a broken jaw , busted lip, or some other brutal injury . When her mother died when Galaxy was 5 , thats when things started to go down hill for the young girl.

Everytime she tries to run away, her father or his friends always find her and she is put on lock down .

But what if one day when she is on a early morning walk, she runs into 5SOS's Luke Hemmings?


10. a big misunderstanding


Luke's POV

I just got off the phone with my sister, who was quite pissed off with me . There has been some rumor that are surfaced lately that me and Arzaylea are dating and that is not true at all. I am not even friends with her,i just happened to be chatting with her in starbucks , cause i spilt my starbucks tea on her.

We are barely acquaintances , we just ran into eachother. But of course its photoshopped to look otherwise. 

thats mainly the reason why i dont make my relationship with galaxy public, i dont want galaxy to recieve all the hate that most celebrity girlfriends recieve and it is hard for anyone to go through. i dont want anyone to come in between me and her , i love her too much.

I am even thinking about marrying her...i already have the ring. I pull the box out of my pocket and observe the ring , i smile inside when i know that soon Galaxy will be mine forever.


Suddenly Michael runs in with tears streaming down his face with a note in his hand.


"Michael whats wrong?"


"You fucking asshole .....Galaxy left !! You made her leave!!"


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