this is my entry for the new poetry competition. hope you like. :)


1. gold



I spent the summer

forgetting you

thought you wouldn't exist anymore

just a memory


and here we are

early September

same as always

you didn't even get taller


you drop tiny bombs

they explode in my heart

every song sounds like you


I push you away with the force

of a pen

gallons of ink

tons of paper


I search my room for a journal

to write this poem in

and I realize you have scattered

yourself throughout  the house

in slips of paper

in echoes of songs I don't even like

and here I am


embedding you into yet another artifact

to be dug up a time from now

hopefully when I have answers

or know what went wrong


I'll find you here

a memory

or a dream


I don't want you to stay

but I'm scared to see you go



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