Star Trek Defiance: Gambles

After escaping from prison Michael and the others traveled to the nearest trade station to gather supplies for their long journey, only to find out Lord Serenity's top hunters is waiting for them.


6. 6

When Michael woke up the first thing he saw was the grey metal ceiling that he knew he was back on the Runabout.  He felt light head as he grunted while trying to sit up in bed and he noticed he was covered in a light green blanket and when he looked under he was shocked to see that all of his clothes are off.  A curtain was suddenly pulled back and he saw Chloe standing over him and changed from her disguise to her normal wear but wearing short shorts and flip flops.  Michael did not care why she changed and instinctively said, “Where are my clothes?” Chloe (looking serious) said, “I incinerated them.” Michael looked shocked to the point where his fake eyes looked like they were going to pop out and said, “You what?” Chloe then laughed and said, “I was just kidding goofball!  No, your clothes are fine.  They are now being washed.” Michael said, “How long was I out?” Chloe replied, “Almost a day.  You lost a lot of blood and we were all worried but thank goodness Goku was around and gave you what he called a senzu bean that was able to slow down the bleeding and be able to bandage your neck up.” Chloe looked at him both serious and worried and said, “I thought you were going to die.” Michael smirked and said (sarcastically), “Boy that would have been a real tragedy.” Suddenly Chloe looked bewildered for a brief moment before she looked furious and grabbed the nearest object near her (which was a hammer) and threw it at Michael.  He ducked as the hammer flew right by his head and hit the wall behind him as he pulled the blanket up and looked like a scared child as Chloe yelled, “You retard!  I was scared out of my mind cause I thought you were going to die!” Michael whimpered, “I take that back.” Chloe then looked a little relieved and Michael said, “Are you done throwing things at me yet?” Chloe laughed and said, “Yes goofball!” Michael put down the cover and said, “What happened when I was out?” Chloe said, “We high tailed out of the trade station before the Nova Corps arrived and Goku and a friend of his decided to tag when I told him about Lord Serenity and we are going after him.” Michael said, “So who’s flying?” Chloe replied after making a short laugh, “Arsenal of course!” Michael smiled and shook his head and said, “Sorry, I’m a little paranoid.” Chloe sat next to him and put her hand under cover and moved it up his leg, smiled at Michael and said, “Then its time for a little remedy don’t you think?” Michael smiled and put his hand behind her hand and they began passionately kissing as Michael laid back in bed with Chloe on top and they began to make love.


    Michael left his quarters as Chloe was still getting dressed and he looked into one of the sleeping quarters with his x-ray scanner in his vision and saw Goku lying half naked on the bed with the sheets pulled out around him and his quarters was a mess with food and snacks everywhere.  Michael smiled and said, “That’s the Goku I remember.” He silently walked to the head of Goku’s bed and stared down closely at him.  When Goku opened his eyes he yelped and Michael was able to pull back in time as Goku jumped and fell head first onto the floor and Michael roared with laughter.  Michael yelled, “Gotcha!” Goku rubbed his head as he got up and said, “Man, I forgot all the tricks you pulled on me.  Like that trip to Namek.” Michael said, “Don’t worry you will have plenty time to get back at me.  That’s if you are staying.” Goku said, “Well since we are now wanted fugitives by this Lord Serenity I have no choice.” Michael looked sadden and said, “Sorry about that.  Every time I confront one of his associates I tend to attract the authorities.” He then looked puzzled and said, “Where are the other Z Warriors?” Goku looked upset and said, “I had to fake my own death because ever since I gotten stronger I always attracted people like Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu to defeat me but at a cost of trying to destroy the planet.  As far as I know my granddaughter Pan is the only one that knows I am still alive.” Michael nodded in agreement and said, “That’s understandable.  I’m sorry that had to happen to you and your family and friends.” Goku looked confident and said, “Yes, but it is a price to saving your planet and your family and friends and I accept it.  At least the bright side is I get to travel around the galaxy with me and my little friend!” A voice behind Michael said, “Please stop calling me that.” Michael looked spooked and jumped as he looked behind and saw a short kid behind him with a mohawk and Michael said, “Who are you?” Goku said, “That’s my friend Minos, Tapion’s brother!  You’ve heard of him I think.” Michael looked excited and said, “Yeah, I heard about him from Trunks!  What’s up?” Minos looked up at him sheepishly and said, “I’m fine Mr. Valkyrie.” Michael made a depressing type of look and said, “Please don’t call me that.  I don’t have to be reminded of my age.  Just call me Michael, Mikey or Mike. We’re cool!” Michael turned to Goku and said, “And Goku, please put on some clothes.  You’re distracting Chloe.” Goku and Minos looked back to see Chloe standing in the doorway smiling sheepishly and Goku smiled with embarrassment and scratched his head.

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