jeff the killer love story

serena is going to a party that her friend katherine that's making her go and serena meets jeff the killer. jeff soon realize he is falling in love with serena

find out more.......


2. your so confusing


serena's p.o.v.

i found kat outside the school, she's in her car frighten. kat saw me and open the door for me, she did promise to go to in and out so we did and she asked a bunch of questions.

k: did u see him

s: who??? :/

k: j-jeff the k-killer

s: no i lied

k: ur lying

s: im not (lying again)

k: whatever, u were right

s: about what

k: the party

s: told you

k: don't act sassy around me

s: *eats mouth full of french fries*

k: stop stuffing ur face serena

i was eating a mouth full of fries, i was looking out the window and saw jeff. i had wide eyes, and kat turned around to the window and didn't see anything. am i hallucinating. kat drop me off at my house, can't believe it's still here and it's not old yet. kat has to go on a plane to see her brother so, basically i'm all alone. i went to my room which has white furniture, lime green and mint green walls, the bed has purple ruffle sheets and pillows, and a small white curvy couch.i took a warm shower, after when i was done, i got some black sport shorts and a long- baggy shirt. i put my hair in a high pony tail and went on my computer. i was skyping kat until she froze. i notice my computer wasn't  plugged in so, i was about to until i felt hands on my waist. i look up and it was jeff.

s: plzz don't kill me

j: i want to but.....

j: i don't

s: what? why?

j: your too beautiful to give up ur life

s: *blushes*

j: wats ur name red

s: my name is serena not red

j: i want to call you red

s: fine

j: *grabs serena's waist and kisses her*

jeff's p.o.v.

i couldn't fight back the urges, i had to kiss her. i kissed her and gladly she kissed me back. all of a sudden the kissing became heated, i pushed us back on her bed and started making out. i pulled her off of me and i was about to go away but red pulled on my arm. i think she wanted me to stay.

s: plzz

j: i wish

s: why???

j: i might kill u 

s: u just said u didn't want to

j:who knows, if it gets out of hand, i could

s: ur so confusing jeff, plzzz stay

j: fine, but i promise u

s: i know *kisses jeff's lips*



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