jeff the killer love story

serena is going to a party that her friend katherine that's making her go and serena meets jeff the killer. jeff soon realize he is falling in love with serena

find out more.......


6. what did you do!

serena's p.o.v.

i woke up the next day with a boy on the bottom of me, jeff looks so cute when he's sleeping. i got up slowly so he doesn't wakes up, i went to my bathroom and washed all of my makeup off and took a shower. since it was sunday, it's kind of a lazy day for me. i got out of the shower and i put on some pj shorts, long white sweater, and some black thigh-high socks. i went downstairs and saw jeff was awake and taking off his shirt.he saw me and gave me a big hug, jeff and i just watched tv and ate pizza all day, it was fun. while jeff and i were about to go to sleep, someone was knocking on the door. i answer it and katherine was here, it looks like she was scared of something.

s: what's wrong katty kat

k: he's here

j: who

k: my boyfriend

s: why are you running away from him

k: he's trying to kill me

s: why

k: i did something that i will regret

j: let me have a talk, red where's my knife

s: no, jeff

j: *goes to the kitchen*

j: *walks out of the door*

s&k: *hears screaming and footsteps*

j: your welcome

k: what was that for

j: he was about to kill you, so i bought karma to him

k: *slaps jeff's face*

s: to be honest i really didn't like your boyfriend, i knew he was trouble

k: why didn't you warn me

s: i did but, you didn't listen to me!

k: oh

~skips to the night~

kat went home sobbing her eyes out, jeff and i were arguing about why he killed kat's boyfriend. jeff said he had a good reason but, he didn't tell me. i started to yell at the top of my lungs at jeff and it looks like he was about to kill me but, he didn't, instead of killing me he crashed his lips to mine and now we are making out. the kissing got a little carried away. jeff was firmly grabing my ass and i yelp. i wanted to stop but couldn't, the touch of from jeff was too good for me, i was hypnotize by jeff's love. suddenly my phone started to ring and i got out of jeff's grip but, jeff pulled me back down on him and we started to kiss again.



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