jeff the killer love story

serena is going to a party that her friend katherine that's making her go and serena meets jeff the killer. jeff soon realize he is falling in love with serena

find out more.......


7. the call

serena's p.o.v.

it was monday, when i woke up i went to my bathroom and took a shower. i wore blue long sweater, black skinny jeans, and grey beanie and some vans. i grab my bag and headed out the door with jeff. i was starving so we went to starbucks, i got a caramel frappe and cream cheese danish, jeff just got iced coffee. while we were finishing up with our breakfast, i got a phone call. i answered it and i recongize the voice, it belong to kat's boyfriend. jeff notice i was frighten, i hang up the phone and walked out of the cafe

j: what's wrong

s: nothing

j: somethings bothering you, i know it

s: it's nothing jeffy

j: do not call me that, now what's wrong with you

s: *sighs* remember the guy you killed yesturday

j: yea, kat's boyfriend

s: well he call me, somehow

j: wtf



sorry guys  this one is little bit short but i hope u like it

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