jeff the killer love story

serena is going to a party that her friend katherine that's making her go and serena meets jeff the killer. jeff soon realize he is falling in love with serena

find out more.......


8. it's a problem


serena's p.o.v.

i was staring at my phone, i think it was a prank call. jeff was just confused of what just happen, i put my phone on my night stand and went to the kitchen. i got some chips and hop on the couch and turned on sponge bob. jeff came into the living room and sat next to me. it was a little silent except the t.v. was on, i broke the silence when i spoke.

s: jeff, are you still upset

j: no, i'm confused

s: i know

j: are you sure it was him or a prank call

j: because i remember i killed him, i stab him a couple of times and he crawled to the road, then someone ran over him

s: jeff, i don't want to hear that

j: well, get use to it, you wanted to know what happen anyways

s: no i didn't

j: whatever

s: i'm going to my room

j: why

s: it's none of your business

i headed to my room and walked towards my night stand. i pick up my phone and a message from kat appear. the message read, " hey, wanna go to the mall, it's almost your birthday!" :P :D. she was right, it was almost my birthday but, i hate shopping. so, i grab the clothes i'm going to wear, turn on the shower and hop into the shower. after i dried off, i put my clothes on. i'm wearing high-waisted black shorts with black stockings, white spaghetti strap shirt, a red flannel top and some converse. i curled my hair and did my makeup. i texted kat and tell her i'm ready, i walked to the living room and i can see jeff drooling.

j: wow

s: what are you looking at

j: oh, sorry 

j: you just look really pretty

s: well, i'm going to the mall with kat

j:  thought you hated shopping

s: i do but, since my birthday is coming up i have to go shopping

j: well, have fun

s: yeah

~skips to the mall~

k: how about this this shirt

s: i like that one

s: but, it cost too much

s: ooh, i like theses rip pants

k: ugh, you and your rip pants

s: i'm hungry

k: me too, let's go to mcdonalds

s: you know there is a mcdonalds in this mall

k: i know, that's what i mean

~skips after lunch~

katherine and i got a lot of new clothes, shoes, make up, and more. this already feels like my birthday. i had a great time with kat, kat drop me off at my house, we hug each other and i went into my house. i saw jeff sleeping on the couch, and i just left him sleeping on the couch and went to my bedroom. i set down my shopping bags, then i went to my bathroom to wash off my makeup and put some pj's on. i went back to the living room and sat next to jeff, i lay on him then he woke up and kissed my forehead. 

j: hey beautiful 

s: hey, *kisses jeff*

j: *kisses serena's lips*

j: i want to go, you know farther

s: jeff......

j: just a little

s: fine

jeff wanted to go a little farther and i agree to it. he pick me up and went to my bedroom. we were on my bed, and jeff was starting to take off his jacket to reveal his abs, i touch his abs and he was smiling. he kissed me a little bit harshly. i could barley breath, and he put me on his lap still kissing me. i rub his hair with my fingers and he started to take off my shirt, i had a sports bra underneath my shirt anyway. then, jeff pulled his black skinny jeans off. jeff massage my hair while we were kissing, all of a sudden my phone rang. jeff and i groan of frustration, this all ways happens especially in movies.

~on serena's phone~

s: hello

k: hey, what are you doing

s: kissing jeff

k: what, no way

k: tell me the details

s: i will but, not now ok

k: fine

s: so, what did you want

k: i just wanted to know if i can come over but, you busy with your boyfriend so i won't bother you

s: we can hang out tomorrow if you like

k: that sounds great, i'll be over there in the afternoon tomorrow

s: ok, bye

~end of serena's call~

j: who was that

s: katherine

j: oh ok

j: now where were we 

s: *kisses jeff's neck*

j: *moans*

s: *phone rings again*

j: are you kidding me

s: *checks caller id* it's not kat this time

j: then who is it

s: kat's boyfriend

j: it's a prank call

s: *answers the phone*

~searena's phone call again~

s: hello

kat's boyfriend: hey there sexy, i see your with jeff

s : *hangs up the phone*

~end of serena's phone call~

s: jeff, we got a problem



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