jeff the killer love story

serena is going to a party that her friend katherine that's making her go and serena meets jeff the killer. jeff soon realize he is falling in love with serena

find out more.......


10. i'm pregnant


serena's p.o.v.

i woke up and rush to the bathroom. what's wrong with me, i said. i felt hands on my back, i turn around and saw jeff. i got up from the bathroom floor and got ready to got to school, good thing today was friday. today i'm wearing white skinny jeans, grey shirt, red flannel and some white converse. i did my hair and makeup, then i grab my things and went out to my car. i park in my usual parking space and i met up with katherine.

kat: hey girl

serena: hey

kat: what's wrong, did you two break up

serena: never, it's i threw up this morning

kat: ok, it's a sign that you guys had it or food poisoning

serena: well it was the first one you said

kat: omg, no way was good or sweaty hot

serena: katherine! keep your voice down

kat: so it was steamy sex

serena: shut up *playfully punches kat's arm*

kat: *giggles*

jeff: what are you two giggling about

serena: hi jeff

jeff: hey babe *kisses serena*

kat: well, i'll leave you two alone then

serena: what are you doing here

jeff: idk, i was bored

serena: jeff can we talk about something very important

jeff: sure, what is it

serena: how would you feel if we had a family

jeff: do i know what you think you're saying

serena: i'm pregnant

jeff: oh my god serena *picks up and twirls serena*

serena: i though you'll be mad 

jeff: why would i be mad

serena: idk, maybe you'll have the urge to kill me and the baby

jeff: never, first we need to tell slendy

serena: slendy?

jeff: slender man, all of us call him slendy for short

serana: oh ok

~ skips to the mansion ~

serena: you guys live here

jeff: yes, we can't be with in the human world

serena: but you're with me

jeff: that's different, i love you

slendy: we love who now...

jeff: oh hi slendy, this is serena

slendy: so your the girl that jeff been talking about

serena: yes, please to meet you

slendy: she's very polite, i must say jeff, you pick the girl of your dreams

serena: *blushes*

jeff: shut up

slendy: so what seems to be the problem with you guys

slendy: is she a killer or human

jeff; well... both actually

slendy: well fair enough

jeff: well that's not what we came here for... she's pregnant

slendy: oh my dear child, come to my office both of you

~ in slendy's office ~

slendy: let me have a look

slendy: *puts hand on serena's stomach*

serena: *whispers to jeff* what's he doing

jeff: *whispers to serena* checking the baby

slendy: well good news, the baby is doing find

jeff: do you know the gender of the baby

slendy: it's possibly a girl, i might say

serena: omg jeff, we're going to have a baby girl

jeff: *kisses serena*

slendy: child, take it outside

serena: oops, thank you 

slendy: no problem and come by once a month so i can tell you guys how's the baby doing

jeff: ok slendy, thanks again






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