jeff the killer love story

serena is going to a party that her friend katherine that's making her go and serena meets jeff the killer. jeff soon realize he is falling in love with serena

find out more.......


9. happy birthday serena


serena's p.o.v.

i woke up by the sound of my phone, i checked my phone and someone had texted me. i check who it was and it was kat's boyfriend, who is this person. i just brushed it off and went to my bathroom, i turned on the shower and wash my hair and body. when i was about to get out of the shower, i felt hands on me. i turned around and saw jeff, naked.

j: hey, like what you see

s: wow, umm

j: *kisses red*

s:*kisses back*

j: *picks up red and push her against the shower wall*

s: jeff, no

j: please

s: not today

j: fine

s: *gets out of the shower*

j: *slaps red's ass*

i got dress, and i'm wearing, black skinny jeans, long sleeve purple crop-top, a black vest and black vans. i did my make up and flat iron my hair, i grab my bag and headed out the door with jeff. jeff and i walked up to the schools campus and i met up with kat.

k: hey you two

j: hey

s: hi *hugs kat*

k: happy birthday

s: thanks

j: red, let's go

s: ok, bye kat, see you at third period

k: bye, you two look adorable btw

~skips to third period~

my third period is history and i have jeff and kat with me in that class, good thing the history teacher, Mr.jones isn't here today. kat was just on her phone and jeff and i were just making out.

k: hey, serena look at this

s: *kissing jeff*

k: serena

s: *still kisses jeff*

k: *punch serena's arm* serena!

s: ow, what

k: look at this

s: is that who i think it is

k: yes, it's him

j: lemme see 

k: *hands phone to jeff*

j: wtf i killed him

k: i know

s: i keep getting text messages and someone keeps calling me

j: i think it might be a prank

k: your right jeff, let's just put this behind us and foucus what's really important

s: like what

j: like this *kisses red*

s: *kisses jeff back

k: awww, you two are so cute

~skips after school~

serena's p.o.v.

school was over and i was walking home with kat and jeff. we enter my house and put on a horror movie and i heated up some popcorn. this is the best birthday so far and i was 17 now. kat got a text from her mom that she need to go home, i hug her and said thank you then she left.

j: *takes jacket off*

s: *turns around and sees jeff shirtless*

s: *walks over to jeff*

j: like what you see, red

s: i actually do

s: *kisses jeff*

j: *kisses back serena and picks her up*

j: *lays serena down her bed*

j: *takes off serena's vest and purple top*

s: *gets on top of jeff*

s: *kisses jeff harshly*

j: mmmm serena

j: *gets on top of serena*

j: *kisses serena's neck*

s: mm jeffy

j: don't call me that

s: jeffy

j: that's it

j: *picks up serena and push her against her bedroom door*

j: you like when i push you like that

s: yes 

j: say jeffy again

s: oh jeffy

j: *kisses serena harsh and growls*

j: happy birthday babe

s: this is the best birthday ever

j: *lays serena down on the bed again*

j: i'm hungry, are you

s: yes, let's get something

s&j: *walks to the kitchen

s: we can order pizza

j: or i can taste you again 

j: *kisses serena*

s: *kisses back jeff*

j: *puts serena on top of the counter*

s: seriously i'm really am hungry

j: ok, let's order

jeff and i order pizza and watch more movies then we went fast asleep on each other on the sofa.










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