Star Trek Defiance: Breakout

Michael, Chloe and Arsenal found the Guardians of the Galaxy and now its time for them to escape from prison.


2. 2

In an empty concrete room that is almost crusted entirely of ice, Michael stood shivering in his prison uniform.  Michael said, “They take the concept of a cooler WAY too seriously.” In the control room the Nova Corps. watched Michael and Chloe pace around the rooms while Arsenal just stood there and faced the door.  Guard 1 said, “How can that one inmate just stand there and let himself freeze to death?” Guard 2 said, “According to our records, Arsenal is technically considered a cyborg even though his metal parts inside are somehow deteriorating and being replace by bone or muscle.” The main door opened and the guards went back to their stations as a yellow skinned woman with green eyes, glasses and a Nova Corps uniform with a Commandant rank entered.  She looked at the video monitors and focused solely on Michael and she said, “Prepare interrogation room 1 for him.” Guard 2 replied, “Yes ma’m.” She turned and left the control room.  


    One hour later the door to Michael’s cooler opened and two guards leapt inside, grabbed Michael and yanked/threw him out as he slammed into a concrete wall before they grabbed him and half dragged him to the interrogation room.  They slammed him down on a metal chair and suddenly his feet were chained to the floor while his hands were pinned to the table both by electrical beams before the guards left.  The Commandant entered and sat in a chair across from Michael and said, “I am Commandant Bates of NCP 42.  I am in control of you, your wife and your big friend’s well care in this facility.  If you want your life to be easier here there are three rules.  Do what we tell you, do not touch or fight any of the guard’s and do not try to escape.  If you violate the first two rules you will spend three days in the cooler, but if you violate the last you will spend three days in the cooler and face one hour in the Mind Bender.” Michael said, “What the hell is a Mind Bender?” Bates replied, “It makes you relive your worst memories only that you will feel like you are actually there.  If you die in your dream, you die in real life.  Do I make myself clear?” Michael sarcastically replied, “I don’t know, a lot of rules to remember.” Suddenly an electrical charge electrified his hands and feet and his body shook as he was shocked for a few seconds as Bates stared at him and he breathed heavily and said, “Yeah.  I got it.” Bates said, “Good.  Where did you three come from?” Michael rolled his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.” The electrical shock hit him again but twice as strong and he grimaced in pain as he tried to break free but was still held down.  When the shock ended he breathed heavily and said, “Mab-Bu.” Bates said, “Why did you, your wife and your friend come here?” Michael smiled and replied, “To give you a three some.” Suddenly he was electrocuted again but the charge was now three times as strong and he screamed in pain as Bates glared at him.  


    When the charge stopped (a few seconds longer than the last charge) Bates got up and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his head back and said, “This is not a joke Mr. Valkyrie.  If you keep resisting then we will do something that is far worse than what you are experiencing.” She let go of him, grabbed a remote control and the one way mirror to his left changed to show Chloe also tied down to a chair but two Nova Corps officers stood behind her and Bates said, “The electrical charges you faced I’m sure you can handle since you are part machine, but to a non mechanical being such as your wife can be lethal after the first charge.  Now again, why are you here?” Michael sighed as he looked angrily up at her and said, “We came to see Star Lord for protection.” Bates said, “Star Lord is not the right choice if you are seeking protection unless you plan to empty your wallet for no good reason.” Michael said, “I’m sorry to say but he is the right choice.  Sooner or later either someone will come here to for us or someone inside the prison will be paid off for them.” Bates said, “And why would someone try to come after you?” Michael said, “I don’t know, but you can bet it is not pretty.” Bates said, “You mean the Messenger of Death.” Michael sighed and said, “Why does everyone call him that?  His name is Lord Serenity.” Bates said, “And he wants you and your wife alive.” She turns to leave but stops and says, “Oh and by the way, your bunkmate will be Arsenal since he is supposed to be dead while your wife will be sent to the female wing.  I hope she knows how to protect herself since the female prisoners here have to find some way to get off.” Michael looked at her in furious anger and he screamed, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!  LET ME OUT SO I CAN KILL YOU!” He struggled to get out of the chair as he screamed more as she left and the door closed behind her.

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