one direction imagines

Give me name age what 1D boy and if you want it to be innocent middle or dirty I will write one or two a day but I also write other storys thnx❤


2. lexi

​I just made this up it not for anyone.

​I can't wait today I go back home after four years in the air force I miss my house and everyone but I mis my best friend the most. I'm in the plain to go home already we are about to land I herd Liam (bff) had joined a band but I lost contact with him after. I arrived home and surprised everyone I hadn't told them because it was a surprise. After all that I went home and I relaxed I herd a knock and went to open when I opened it I jumped and hugged him "Liam i missed you" "I missed you too lexi" I let him come in I have to be honest he got hotter and taller. "here you can watch t.v. I'm going to take a shower.'' he nodded and I left. When I was coming back I herd him on the phone "Niall mate she's gorgeous and omg her smile she's still my lexi from when we were 18" I ran to him and sat on his lap with my legs on each side of his thighs. "and your still the Liam I fell in love with since we were 18" I pecked his lips and he laid me on the couch and started kissing me harder he licked my bottom lip asking for enterance I let him in. "wait Liam, lets go to my room." He agreed and we walked up stairs to my room he took my shirt of and I took his of sliding my hand down his well built body he lift hot wet kisses down my chest and played with my nipples in his mouth small moan escaped from my mouth he left a love bite on the way his hand traveled inside my underclothes"baby your so wet" I moaned as he touched me. He slid my panties off and kissed down my stomach till I felt his tongue play with my clit "Liam that feels so good" I breathed out "I'm about to cum " i felt him fit two of his fingers in me "Liam harder " he went harder and harder untill i let out a last moan a felt his tongue in me he took his fingers and licked them clean"you taste good" i smiled and kissed him he put his member at my entrance and pushed it in "ahhh Liam " he started thrusting harder i moaned his name and he did mine "lexi I'm about to cum" i nodded my head in agreement. I felt my walls close and Liam slowly fill me with his liquid. "Liam would you be mine" "i would love that" he kissed me and we fell asleep for a while.


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