"Family Secrets uncovered"


1. Characters

Highlights about my characters read the book to find out more

Jesse Michael Joseph Jackson * Born as Jesse Scott Santiago* (He was adopted by Michael Jackson) he is very much loved by the family they treat him like blood. Deep down inside Jesse knows that he is adopted and that he have 4 sisters and a brother. Jesse is a senior in high shool and the most popular boy in school and plus hes the captain of the basketball team. He is very much close to his grandmother ( Katherine) Father ( Michael ) Aunt ( Janet) Uncle ( Marlon ) Cousins ( Genevieve & Taryll ) He loves his younger siblings so much. Jesse don't always have it good sometimes nigga always wanna jump him because he drives a blue Nissan Skyline GT -R R34 and he always comes to school dress with name brand shoes and clothes. The girls on the other hand always claiming that he's their babies daddy because he's rich and light skin mixed with Black * White * Mexican & plus he's Michael Jackson's son.

Joslyn Nicole Lopez *Born as Joslyn Santiago*

(She was adopted by Jennifer Lopez) Josie Thought a lot about her sisters , brothers and especially mother and hoping shell see them again. But she never thought in a million years that she would be raised by one the most world famous person in the world Jennifer Lopez. She never thought of Jennifer any different then just a loving mother who show kindness that something she never had and she's a loving big sister to Emme and Max. Joslyn a senior in high school and she drives a pink mustang and she's always in the spotlight some girls hate and love her other then that the boys find her very beautiful.

Aubrey Michelle Watkins *Born as Aubrey Michelle Santiago*

(She was adopted by Tionne Watkins a member of TLC )Aubrey knew for many years that she was adopted but that didn't stop her from living her life so she basically moved on with her life because she know one day she will meet her siblings again. Aubrey is a senior in high and she the most popular girl and everyone loves her and she's the senior class president and she drives a white Benz.. Aubrey gets alone with her mother T-Boz * her baby sister Chase * her aunties Chilli and Left eye *her cousin Tron & MyAna * Since T-Boz and Chilli are sisters/ best friends she grow claiming MyAna is her cousin but actually that's her blood sister which didn't know at the time.

MyAna Marie Thomas * Born as MyAna Marie Santiago *

( she was adopted by Rozonda Thomas a member of TLC ) MyAna Always thought that Rozonda was her birth mother and Tron was her baby brother but she realized that her, her brother and mother didn't look alike so she thought she looked like her father but she never met her father but she called Tron's dad father too because when her mother got with Dallas he helped raised her. MyAna is a freshman in high and she's on the hip hop dance team she gets along with everyone she meets. MyAna never knew she was adopted but she grow calling Aubrey her cousin sooner or later she will find out that they are actually sisters.

Christina Gianna Quintanilla -Perez * Born as ZaMiah MaKenzee Santiago *

( She was adopted by Chris Perez and Selena Quintanilla -Perez but they had her name changed to protect from her mother ) ZaMiah never knew that she was adopted she always believed that her parents was her real parents. The family treats her like a princess she didn't or don't have to wont for anything. ZaMiah is a freshman and a cheerleader in high school. She can't stand her step mother or sister but she gets along with father and mother family and with her brothers but she can't stand her step mother's family.

Christopher Gilbert Perez Jr * Born as Jacob Matthew Santiago *

(He was also adopted by Chris Perez and Selena Quintanilla -Perez but they had his name changed to protect from his mother ) Jacob along with sister never knew that he was adopted he always believed that his parents was his real parents so he never questioned anything about his life. The family treats her like a prince she didn't or don't have to wont for anything. Jacob is a freshman and a football player in high school. Unlike his sister he loves and gets along with his step mother and sister.

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