To: The unknown mother From: The son unknown

My true life view of being adopted


1. To The Mother Unknown

Is the hidden birthday one of solemn reflection?

The day when you stare, deep and hopefully,

Into young men’s eyes.

Impossibly expecting recognition.

Are your thoughts with me frequently?

Or has the pain of the parting dimmed?

And do you ever wish,

That your courage and not withstood

The decision of that day?


These questions urge me on

To pound inextricably through the maze

Of dusty records and careful officials

Yet if that was done;

Your life would be thrown from its orbit

And those of my parents, shattered,

As two colliding stars.


Let this be our only communication.

So that you may take heart,

At my well being.

I have lived a life of warmth and love

And everything you could hope for.

Survived all those childhood sicknesses,

Played in the sun, wind and rain

And grown to be a man of ambition.


There is no chance that we will ever meet

For if we did it would be as strangers,

The bonds of birth broken.

Yet maybe this will serve to comfort you!

To tell you your son is well

To tell you

I care.

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