The Boy

The only new student in the past 10 years is exciting to her. He, on the other hand, seems too upset at the world to interact with her kind attempts to get to know him.

A tale of two people, both experiencing separate lives and problems, who support each other through the ups and downs of the Senior year of high school. All things must come to an end? Maybe.


2. the photograph

"Wait!" I shout.

He turns around momentarily, and looks at me.

I pull out my polaroid camera and snap a photograph.

He nods and turns back around, his black boots rustling against the ground.

He walks out of the rusty doorway, out of my life, and steps onto the street.

I see his figure slowly start to disappear as he walks away.

His face is gone first. Then his hands. His back. His feet. His guitar strapped to his back. Him.


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