My Weakness

This is mainly my story and about how I found Jesus. Hopefully this can speak to you too. So enjoy! (also on Wattpad.)

(By the way, the cover is of Cara delvingne. Thought you should know ^_^)


4. Struggles

Do not be afraid or discouraged... The battle is not yours, but God's." 

~ 2 Chronicles 20:15

Living on this planet can be hard. I lost sleep for like two nights. The first night was kind of my fault. I was going to go to sleep when I got home, but I found out that my dad was taken to the hospital. (He's okay...I hope.) I went to visit him and then that night I couldn't go to sleep.

What was kind of funny is that the phone ringed twice last night. I was half asleep, so I went in to answer it and when the phone stopped ringing (my mom answered it) I thought it was my imagination and went to bed. The same thing happened the second time. 

But I also got a lesson learned last night. He was in a bad mood the night before. He has a tendency of taking out his anger and hurt on others. So, the lesson is that he was hurting. That was the reason why he took out his frustration on me.

It is wrong to take out your frustration on others, but if someone does this to you...figure out whats wrong and help them. Remember you're doing this for Christ. If you help his people, you're also serving him.

Also, we went out to eat last night and I just had a rush of love. I love everyone that came in the restaurant...because they're all a child of God. There doesn't have to be another reason.

You don't have to look at someone and be like, "how can I love this person like Jesus loves me?"

The answer is simple, remember that they are a child of God too. 


I haven't wrote this in a while. It's now a week later. My dad is out of the hospital and he is fine. 

I thank the Lord for that. 

This chapter might be a little short. Sorry about that.

Anyway there is nothing God can't handle. So let out all of your struggles to Him. 

Please Comment. 

You can comment prayer request. I will pray for you or anyone you want me to pray for.

If you want I can put a prayer on one of the chapters for your prayer request.

You can also comment your struggles. 

Okay, so I'm going to put a prayer on here. Anyone that wants to pray, are welcome.

Dear, God

To you we give thanks. We struggle daily. But you build us up and you welcome anyone that wants to come to your home. I pray for everyone that's reading this. And I just pray for anyone that may need it and is going through a tough time. Amen.

I saw a book before on here that has christian challenges and I think I might do that too. Don't worry I will be doing it with you. 

If I remember, I will put the first challenge on the fourth chapter. Have a good day!



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