I Wonder

This is my entry for THE POETRY PROJECT
Hope you like thisss ����


1. I Wonder

I wonder if you've some idea

Of just how much I care

Or how much I treasure

Every moments we share...


I wonder if you ever thought

How you always complete my day

Just show your slightest smile

It could surely take one's breath away...


I wonder what goes through your head

When you hear my name

Will you let it embed?

I hope you'll do the same


I wonder if life is worth living

Without you in it

I'm sure that i'll end up

Always broken to the last bit.


I wonder if you've some idea

Of what it means to me

To be so much in Love with you

The way I'll always be...


Sometimes I even wonder,

If you're my Once Upon a Time

or my Happily Ever After...


But you know what could be better?

If at the same time

We're together, and,

As always, Forever... 



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