sasuke's return to hidden leaf village

sasuke has just returned to the leaf village after killing itachi for what he did to there family but sasuke dose not have a place to stay and is walking around and finds the team 7 dorms ...............what will happen next..........who will he pay a visit to to find out what happens..........


1. long day at work



      The day had just ended in the leaf village team seven had a mission they had to go help the hokage get ready for a meeting with all of the hokage to discuss what would happen if another great war broke out. The hokages have on of these meetings one sometimes twice a year. It seemed like it took forever said Naruto, you think so naruto u were the one that sat around the whole time until the hokage said she would buy you raman if you helped her organize the paper documents in her office before she had to go to the meeting said sakura, after the long day team seven went out to dinner to get raman with lady sundae this is delicious i love it this time of year said Naruto, you eat this all the time doesn't it last the same all year said lady sundae after that team seven when home and went to bed. 


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