My Badboy

Chloe is a nineteen year old girl who enjoys partying with her friends all night long. But what happens when one of her regular one night stands turns out a little differently than she had expected? What happens when she finds out she has been lied to her whole life?


6. the warehouse

*authors note*

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long but I had some trouble when writing. I wrote about three chapters for you but they some how got deleted? I guess it was me being stupid and forgetting to save them. Soo sorry but I promise I will try to keep up with updating now! Here's your chapter!

Lots of love

Chloe X --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chloe's PoV:

I woke up to Zayn shaking my shoulder and whispering "wake up doll, we're here."

I sat up and looked out of the window to see were at some sort of warehouse. And a big one at that!

We got out of the car and I followed Zayn through the warehouse and up a flight of stairs to a landing that over looked the rest of the warehouse. I looked down to see the place was swarming with big, tough looking people.

Zayn gripped the railing and shouted "Louis, drinks to my office now!"

I looked down to see a man rush through the maze of people and disappear through a back door. Zayn nodded and walked through a door that led to an office and held the door open gesturing for me to enter. I obliged and mumbled a "thanks" on the way in.

We sat on two black, leather chairs and I looked at Zayn expectantly.

"Doll, you should take a picture, it'll last longer." I rolled my eyes but laughed with him anyway.

"So, doll, what do you want to know?"

I thought about this for a moment before replying confidently, "everything."

Zayn smirked "everything it is then"

Just then a boy walked in with a tray of drinks. He looked quite young, but not younger than Zayn. Wait, I don't even know how old Zayn is. In fact, I don't know anything about Zayn and yet, her I am, leaving my friend and going off with him to an unknown place just because he said he knows about my past. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

The boy put the tray on the black, glass coffee table in front of us. He looked at me with his sky blue orbs and smiled as I got lost in his beautiful eyes. Zayn cleared his throat and the boy looked at him quizzically.

"You can leave now, Louis" Zayn said through gritted teeth.

Louis. His name is Louis. I like it. Louis gave me one last smile and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I turned back to Zayn and was immediately hit with the question "so? You ready to know about your past?"

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