My Badboy

Chloe is a nineteen year old girl who enjoys partying with her friends all night long. But what happens when one of her regular one night stands turns out a little differently than she had expected? What happens when she finds out she has been lied to her whole life?


2. the next morning

Chloe's pov:

I woke up to a pounding headache. Clutching my head I looked down at my bed to find I was wearing someone else's shirt. Also, the owner was nowhere to be seen. I reached out to grab my phone from my bedside table to find that was also missing. I spun round in panic to find a glass of cold water and two tablets along with a note in place of where my phone should be. The note read 'morning babe, take the pills, they will help with your headache, and the water will wake you up ~ Zayn

Ps. Don't worry your phone is downstairs I moved it so it wouldn't wake you up. It was ringing (some one called Cassie?) but I didn't answer it x'

Awes that's sweet! I took the pills and went downstairs in his shirt and grabbed my phone from the table in the hall. I'll text Cassie later.

I went into the kitchen to be hit with the delicious smell of... BACON!!! I looked up and saw a toned body wearing boxers and an apron, what? I quietly walked over but knocked a chair on the way and caught it just in time. The mystery person (I'm guessing he's 'Zayn') spun round in alarm and immediately relaxed when he saw me.

He smiled and said "morning babe how's your head?"

I looked up to see the most beautiful hazel eyes I've ever seen. Wow.

I smiled and said "meh" he chuckled before turning around and saving the bacon from burning.

I looked around my kitchen to see the sides crammed with food. What? I went over to the fridge and opened it to find it was overflowing with food...strange....I swear that's been empty for weeks? I heard a low chuckle behind me and looked at Zayn to see him grinning to himself "where did all this food come from?" I asked cautiously he chuckled again and replied

"well, I saw you had nothing so I went to the shop this morning and got you some. I hope you don't mind." I smiled and hugged him

"thank you" I pulled away and looked him up and down taking in what his was wearing

"did you go like that?" I asked trying not to laugh at the thought of it

"no! Of course not! I put my trousers on and a coat because I can't, for the life of me, find my top, anywhere!" He said winking at me. I blushed and looked at the ground. I sat at the table left in my thoughts when I came to the sudden conclusion 'this guy was supposed to be a one night stand meaning I'll have to kick him out soon but he's been so nice to me!'

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