Home ~Liam Payne~

Liam is in a rut. His unforgiving friend, Marcel, blames him for the accident that night a year ago. He's alone and miserable. But when he meets the energetic and lovable Emily Lewis, who has conquered troubles of her own, his life is filled with love and happiness again. This is their story.

This is my first story and I hope you all enjoy =)


8. Author's Notice

   Ok so I just added some filler chapters to make this book more realistic, I think. I just feel like this went way too fast and I had some more ideas for this story. So I unpublished and published most of the chapters again. They're all the same except the last two so you don't have to reread the whole thing if you don't want to. 

   Sorry for the late updates but I just got out of my funk and I'm now ready to finish this book. I love this book so much and I ant it to be amazing for you guys. Thanks for understanding and reading

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