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Liam is in a rut. His unforgiving friend, Marcel, blames him for the accident that night a year ago. He's alone and miserable. But when he meets the energetic and lovable Emily Lewis, who has conquered troubles of her own, his life is filled with love and happiness again. This is their story.

This is my first story and I hope you all enjoy =)


7. And Then She Kissed Me

   Emily sat on the park bench anxiously waiting for Liam to show up. She couldn't stop fidgeting whether she was tapping her vans clad foot, drumming her fingers along the park bench or checking her watch every ten seconds. 

  She tried not to think about the moment she asked him to meet her at the park. It was very forward of her and she hoped that it wouldn't scare him off. What was she thinking? She was overreacting thinking about it way too much. She needed to stop thinking so much about it and just go for it.

  "Hey," a deep voice whispered in her ear causing her to jump in fright. Her eyes bugged out and she had jumped backward hitting her back against the armrest of the bench. Her face looked like the dramatic chipmunk.

   They bursted out laughing, Emily doubling over her head between her knees as she shook her head at how tense she had been, but as soon as Liam came it all melted away and she felt comfortable and relaxed. They looked at each other and started laughing again.

  "Hi Liam." She smiled brightly and his heart went a flutter. He had spent a good two minutes watching her as she sat on the bench waiting for him. She was in her work clothes and the little breeze was blowing her blonde curls that were tied up in a pony tail in her face. It was like in a cartoon where the wind carried her scent, cinnamon and vanilla, his way and he felt like floating towards her.

  Scent? What was he a werewolf or something? He had finally walked up to her and said hi, but she didn't budge. Something was on her mind and he wanted to know what it was.

  "What's on your mind Ems?"

   She blushed at his nickname and said nothing which allowed a frown to make its way on his face.


  "Tell me. I'm here for you and I want to help you. I want you to trust me enough to tell me whatever it is that's bothering you."

  "Thank you Liam," she said with a grateful smile. "But it's kind of, well stupid." She looked up at him and his curious eyes coaxed it out of her. "I was actually worried that you thought it was weird that I asked you out here to the park. I'm always overthinking everything to the point where I realize that it's actually a terrible and embarrassing thing to do."

  She took a steady breath and didn't dare look up at him. She was close with her mom, Niall and Audrey because she trusted them and they were there when she needed them the most. They stood by her side through it all and never abandoned her. So being open and honest about her thoughts, opinions and feelings were easy. But with others, complete strangers or even people at school it was hard for her to say things always worrying if they would think she was weird or crazy. 

  "Like last night when I..... you know," she said a blush creeping onto her cheeks and her eyes looking anywhere but at him.

  He chuckled at her blushing state and casually placed his fingers under her chin and lifted her face up to his.

  "When you kissed me?" He asked. Inside his heart was racing knowing that she was like this because of him. He also wanted to know more about her.

  She gulped and nodded and continued to ramble on not being able to tear her eyes away from his. "Well when I did it I wasn't exactly thinking straight and then that whole night I couldn't stop thinking about it."

   "Me to," he whispered. His fingers were still under her chin as he stared into her eyes. She was letting him in and in her eyes he saw how vulnerable and open she was being. 

  Both of their hearts were pounding in their chests due to the closeness of their bodies and faces. This was the first and longest time they had been so close and they both liked it.

   Her body shivered at the touch of his fingers and she was instantly distracted by him. She forgot what she was talking about interested in studying his face. His eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and then her emerald eyes quickly darted down to his lips before returning to his eyes.

  He didn't fail to catch her subtle glance at his lips. In fact he to couldn't help himself from looking at hers, soft and pink begging to be kissed. Her smell and warmth only made him ache to take her and hold, touch her and kiss her. He was intoxicated with her.

  So, without thinking and acting on instinct and feeling, his fingers slid up her jaw. She shivered, again, at his touch. A small gasp escaped her lips her breath caressing his lips as his hand slid into her hair. He leaned in and did what he felt like doing the day he first saw her.

   Her mind was fuzzy and as he leaned closer she started leaning to. Her eyes were down staring at his lips as he came closer and closer his lips parting slightly to take hold of hers. His breathe tickled her face and she knew that this moment was something she wanted to live and relish in and not overthink about. She wanted this.

  Their lips barely touched, brushing the tips of each others ever so slightly as a ball slammed into her face! It hit her with so much force that her head was jerked to the side.

  "EWWWWW!" cried a bunch of kids cried pointing at them. "THEY'RE KISSING!!!"

    Liam grumbled at this his mood instantly going down. Stupid kids ruining the moment. Emily shook her head and actually started laughing at the little kids taunts. 

    "You ok?" He asked his big eyes filled with worry. She smiled shyly and nodded. Then she realized what it was they wee going to do and she blushed deeply. 

  "I..... I should go," she said quickly averting his eyes. 

  "Emily," he said as she stood up and started walking away. "Emily!"

  I can't believe I was about to kiss him. I can't, I shouldn't! We just met a few days ago, well not really, but still. I like him a lot and I don't want to rush everything. I want to be his friend before his girlfriend. He's making it so hard though. I want to be with him so much it hurts. Ugh, why am I overthinking this? Why can't I be a normal person?

    Nope. I'm just gonna go for it. I will let myself fall in love with him. I will stop all this careful overthinking crap and kiss him!

   She turned around and saw that he had just started walking in the other direction. Go for it! She ran towards him. She grabbed the crook of his arm and turned him around placing her hands on both sides of his face and kissed him with everything she had. His eyes were wide from shock, but as her lips molded against his he melted. Her lips were soft and sweet. He wanted to keep kissing her and savor the sweet vanilla taste of her lips. 

  He grabbed onto her shoulders tightly supporting himself as he leaned forward kissing her deeply and thoroughly. It was agonizingly slow and sweet as he took his time exploring every corner of her mouth. It wasn't because they were stupid teens with only one thing on their mind. He was getting to know her in every way possible. It wasn't lust, it was love. 



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