This may start out as any other typical larry story but this has a twist. Read to find out more ;)


7. Chapter 7


Louis p.o.v


California. That's where their next area was. I don't know if I should be excited or not. I can tell you that Harry is definitely excited, he is so excited to hit the beach and probably ready to check out some of the girls. I mentally slapped myself, I know Harry is straight and I can't even get over him. When we pulled up to the hotel we all checked in and as soon as I got my card and started to head up to my room Niall grabbed my arm. "C'mon mate, you cant be serious to go straight up and lock yourself up in your room." I raised my brow. "I want to get settled." I pulled away from his grip and chuckled. "I'll be out and about later." He just smiled and nodded then the four of them left while I went up to my room and locked myself in. I pulled my phone and computer out and got comfortable on the bed and went to the site. 


My jaw dropped though. There was a total of a million "members" on this site. This website was getting disgusting. There was so many edits of him being literally skin and bones, him kissing other guys, and more. Yet he couldn't look away. This was so bad for him to look at. There was even an edit where he was surrounded by a pool of blood with a bloody arm. He teared up and he commented on that picture.

Louis: That is disgusting.

Let's just say he shouldn't have commented. He was getting hate, after hate, after hate. The edit was truly disgusting but they thought it was hilarious. Louis slammed his laptop shut as he cried his eyes out.  Why can't I be perfect like the other lads? To be normal? At this rate I don't know how much I can take. I got up and wiped my eyes and slipped my shoes on and decided to call Liam. 


Li: Hello?

Lou: Hey.. where are you all at?

Li: Down at the beach, finally deciding to come hang out with us?

Lou: Yeah.. I'll see you soon. I was just wondering for now. 

Li: You never hang out with us anymore.. 

With that I just hung up the phone. I felt bad for doing that but I wasn't in the mood. I slipped a jacket on and headed out of the hotel and started to go on a walk. The sun was setting and the weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. I put my shades on and kept on walking, trying to ignore everything. But that was impossible. There are multiple fan girls everywhere. I should enjoy seeing them right? No. I sigh as I see a group of girls making a disgusted face at me as I walked by. I know they were taking pictures of me to post on that one website. I'll most likely see it later.


All I ever wanted was to have Harry accept me. To love me back. To feel the way that I do for him. I don't want to give up but I have no chance with him! It hurts to see your "crush" or the "love of your life" talking to other people and dates other people when you wish with all of your heart that could be you. As I continued with these thoughts I hadn't realized that I ended up in an alley way, crying. 


Who knew thhat The Louis Tomlinson was this broken.


I let out a shaky sigh after 10 minutes of crying and feeling worthless and I jogged back to the hotel. Fuck meeting up with the lads. I'll just ruin their fun and reputation even more anyway. Once I made it to my room I let it all out. I sobbed and sat on my bed, resting my head in my hands. Why did the world have to be so cruel. 


Why did the world have to punish someone so innocent?

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