This may start out as any other typical larry story but this has a twist. Read to find out more ;)


5. Chapter 5




"And that's what makes you beautiful!" they all sang into our mics as the song ended. They had one more song left before the concert ended and Louis was miserable. He of course didn't show it entirely but how could the lads not hear what the fans yell at Louis? They kept yelling horrible things like for example for him to leave one direction, that he was fat, gay, horrible, ect. What hurt the most was one that said he can't sing. He was put into the band for a reason yet he felt out of place. The final song they were singing was Story Of My Life and When it came to his part he was so quiet.


"And i'll be gone, gone tonight the ground beneath my feet is burning bright, the way i've been holding on so tight.. with nothing in between..." His voice was so quiet, everyone barley heard him and his voiced cracked. This made everything for himself worse. When it came for all of them to sing he started heading back to the stage, singing quietly till he couldn't see the crowd anymore and vise versa. He wanted to cry so so bad but he didn't want the already concerned lads to worry about him. So he turned his mic off and tossed everything he didn't need to the side and while the lads were saying their goodbyes he walked off back stage and headed out of the stadium and waited in the limo.


By the time everyone got in they sped off to the hotel. All of them were tired, despite that they were Harry looked at Louis. "Why did you leave early?" Louis shrugged his shoulders and leaned back. "Louis, a real answer would be nice for once." Niall said and now all the lads were starring at him. "I don't feel good, that's all." They all frowned and leaned back and started their own conversations besides Harry. He stared at the older lad with concern. Where was that bright smile that he loved?




Louis went to his room and locked the door. They were leaving tomorrow morning and all the lads went to pack, but Louis didn't have to pack anything since his bags were always packed. What was the point in unpacking if you are only staying at a spot for 1-3 days? The only things he needed was his phone and laptop. Both were the cause of this. Louis let out a sigh as he turned his laptop on and went to the same site. They were making fun of his singing and laughing at the fact they won when Louis left the stage early. He felt so defeated and like their voodoo doll, hurting him every chance they get.. They were succeeding for Louis to slowly fall into depression. If the fans knew would they care? Who knows, but to Louis they wouldn't care. Louis once again was crying and he hugged his legs close to his chest.


"Harry... why can't you help me?" He whispered and lets more tears fall. All he ever wanted was Harry. Harry Harry Harry. He just wanted everything to be like how it used to be, without any of this unnecessary drama. He missed his best friends, his family, the fans, even himself.


He glanced at the site and he saw a live stream. As he plugged his headphones in and watched it made him even worse. How could people be so cruel to someone as innocent as Louis Tomlinson? He watched as the 2 girls were burning pictures of him, spitting every harmful name under the sun and hoping that he dies and that Harry would never love him or any other guy. This was Louis' last straw..


*** Louis:


"Hey mate, wake up." I felt a light pressure to my shoulder. When I opened my eyes Harry was standing above me. "Oh.. Hey Harry." Harry looked so adorable. He was in his skinny jeans and wearing a tank top like Louis' and he was wearing a pair of his famous boots that everyone adores so much. "We are getting ready to leave, you ready?" I nodded and he gave me a small smile.

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