This may start out as any other typical larry story but this has a twist. Read to find out more ;)


2. Chapter 2




Louis' p.o.v:


Why do the "fans" have to hate me? I know their real reason but it still hurts. He looked up and looked at the mirror. He didn't think he was fat at all. He had a tummy, didn't really have a 6 pack but... he hesitantly got up and took his jumper off and examined his stomach. He could maybe see how they would say stuff like that. As he kept looking at himself there was a knock at his door. 


"Hey mate! We're going out to McDonalds for some food, coming?" Niall yelled through the door, which made Louis smile slightly, putting his jumper on. "Yeah! Give me a minute." "Alright!" Louis laughed as he heard Niall walk away. He wasn't exactly quiet on his feet. Louis put cologne on and fixed his hair. Why? Even though he knows Him and Harry won't go anywhere he would still like to try and impress him. He sighs and grabs his phone and slips shoes on and walks out. "yay!" Louis just laughed. "Calm down Nialler, we're going now."


Niall ran out and Louis followed, all of the lads were in the van, Harry patting a seat next to him for Louis. 'Okay Louis... Don't act stupid.. or any more stupid then usual.' He thought as he smiled and climbed in. "Hey brat." Harry teased, as soon as Lou turned to grab the seat belt he blushed. "Hi Pain." Harry laughed and looked at him with a amused look. "You are always locked away in your room when we aren't busy, so you are a brat and i am so not a pain." Louis rolled his eyes in a playful manner. "It's called being tired." He said and Harry scoffed. "Okay whatever you say dork" They laughed and just had normal chit chat until they got to the restaurant.


They all climbed out and went inside to order. After everything was situated they began to eat, and Louis was quiet the whole time, listening to his four best friends chat about random things. Louis smiled slightly. His friends were perfect, especially Harry. They had no worries at all unlike Louis who did, if only he could ignore what that page said about him and about the girls that never wanted pictures with him. The owners knew to not take the page down. They knew Louis was looking at it. He wishes he could turn back time and not tell anyone he was gay, life would be so much better. He was such a fuck up and all he wanted was to be alone. 


"Remember when Harry rode little lux's scooter? It was so funny." Liam laughed as was everyone else, Louis let out a small chuckle because he loved that moment so much...


Every moment he spent with Harry was his favorite moment, why did he have to be so oblivious, why did they have to be oblivious. They always assumed he was tired, which was indeed true but they never checked on him, never pushed anything. If they maybe tried harder they would know what happened behind his closed door, how he felt about himself, about how broken he felt each time he read hate or every time he was forced to step aside for group shots. 


Right now Louis' head hung low, his hair covering his face so the lads couldn't see his face as a tear slipped down his cheek and he could feel a lump in his throat, he wanted to break down right there. "If you could dye your hair any color what would you choose?" Liam asked the lads. Louis' shook his head and he just got up and walked to the bathroom, locking the door after he saw no one was in there. He went to the mirror and stared at himself.


He glanced all over his body and face. How did he let this happen? He leaned closer and looked at his blue eyes that seemed dull to him. "Why do people hate me so much..." He whispered to himself and he let more tears fall down his face. "Why can't I do anything right... why can't I have Harry.."  He just squeezed his eyes shut and let more tears fall, quietly sobbing. He was in there for 10 minutes before there was a knock on the door. "Lou, you in there?" He recognized that angelic voice anywhere. "Yeah." He said quietly but Harry still heard. "Can you unlock the door? I need to wash my hands." Louis hesitated and he quickly did so then he went to the sink and splashed water in his face.


Harry walked in and he went to wash his hands, while Louis purposely rubbed his eyes to try and cover that he wasn't crying. After the two boys dried off and walked out to their table. "Ready to head home?" All nodded and they climbed into the van, Harry asked Lou to sit with him again which he did, staying quiet as he listened to his friends talk about random things.But soon he looked out his window and zoned out, not wanting to listen anymore.


But soon he felt Harry shake his shoulder. "Mate?" Louis looked at him. "Yes?" "I have been trying to get your attention for 3 minutes, we're home." Louis flushed and nodded, quickly getting out and heading into their hotel and up to his room. "Why am I such a embarrassment?" He whispered as he walked to his bed and went to lie down on his bed, and he slowly cried himself to sleep.

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