This may start out as any other typical larry story but this has a twist. Read to find out more ;)


10. Chapter 10



The next morning I woke up to Zayn sitting right next to me, which startled me really. "Zayn what are you doing?" He just looked down at me, looking slightly hurt. Why? "Sorry mate, just sitting. The lads were wrestling around so I sat here." I could tell by the way he avoided eye contact with me he was lying but I let it go. I sat up and looked around to room. Niall was eating crisps, Liam was talking on the phone with Cherl and Harry was playing a game on his phone and I could tell he lost because he did his cute little pouty face. Why must I have a huge crush on him?


I pulled my gaze away from him and I got up and went to the restroom. It wasn't till I was rolling my sleeves up that I felt so much pain. My sleeve was stuck to my arm because of the dried blood and it didn't feel good at all. Oh well I asked for it, so I just cleaned my arms up and looked at myself in the mirror. I am disgusted with myself. I look away and head out of the bathroom and saw all the lads talking. I didn't bother to listen as I went to my bunk and pulled the privacy shade down. I was nearly asleep when it was ripped open and I opened my eyes to spot Niall. "What are you doing?" I mumbled. "We are nearly there, and we are all going to do something together right when we get there." I sighed. "Well I didn't get that much sleep last night and I would like to relax and get as much sleep as possible before we perform tomorrow and do the interview." Niall pouted.


"You don't even know what we are doing." I patted his head and laid back down, only to look over at Harry. "Louis we were all going to go down to the beach, I know how much you like going to the beach, you really want to miss out?" I honestly do love going to the beach. It's so peaceful and fun. I actually might have taken the offer if it weren't for the dumb-ass marks I just made. "I'm taking a rain check, but the next time we go to the beach i'll go." He nodded but he seemed a bit agitated and sad. Why?


We soon got to the hotel and as always I went to my hotel room and got my computer and phone out. I then went to the bathroom and put bandages on my wrists so they wouldn't get infected then I went to my bed and pulled up the website. It was literally all the same besides a chat window. I saw I had 2 new messages. When I opened them up i saw they were from Louis#1Fan. I smiled a little and opened the first one.


From: Louis#1Fan

To:Louis Tommo

       Hello Louis. :/ I am so sorry you have to deal with all of this drama. I know it may seem that everyone hates you but there are fans and people that still love you. I saw your arms the other day, there's pictures on twitter ad this site. I wish you wouldn't have done that... Talk to me instead when you feel the urge to harm yourself?


From: Louis#1Fan

To: Louis Tommo

         Who knew someone that was so happy and full of life could be so broken. Sad part is you fooled everyone.


I furrowed my brows a bit, I didn't fool anyone so I don't know what they are talking about but I swear everyone knows. That's why I get hate everyday. Unless they are talking about fooling my management and the lads then yeah, it is very sad. I may regret this but I'll take them up on their offer and message them hen im feeling the urge to cut.


From: Louis Tommo

To: Louis#1Fan

         I saw your messages... I hope I don't regret this but im desperate to have someone that actually cares. I'll message you if I feel the urge to... so I guess expect a bunch of conversations. 


With that I hit send and shut my laptop. I hope I didn't just make a mistake

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