Loving you •N.H•

Cecelia Wood is a normal 17 year old. She goes to school every day and comes home. She does her homework and only gets in trouble sometimes, well, normally. What happens when she moves again like she had done her whole life? What happens when she gets involved with the four bad boys of the school?

One of those bad boys is like none other. Will she confront him or stay away like she was taught to? Will he get through to her and find the love he always wanted?



Sorry if you thought this was an update, but I have I few thing to ask you guys.

1. If you hit the favorite button can you hit the like button? The different numbers make me crazy. (There might be something wrong with me. Lol jk jk)

2. Let me know if you like this story so far in the comment box.

3. If you have ideas for characters, let me know and explain somethings about them like:

~Name (you can name them if you want. If you don't then I will pick a name)



~Background (if they had a bad life when they were younger or maybe still. Maybe they grew up adopted or their parents ignored them. Or if they had a good life where they spent time with family and friends. I don't know, you tell me)

Thanks. LOVE YOU.


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