The lonely lovers

Two girls fall in love instantly when their eyes meet. One is scared of the world, Libby, and the other is a daring chick, Kerri. Will Kerri turn Libby into a bad girl or will Libby turn kerri into a good girl?
Lies are spread around school and a fight happens. Who is this mystery man that hops into the picture?


1. New girl?


 Kerri walked down the hallway holding her phone in one hand waiting for a text from her friend. " AGHHH," Libby came out of nowhere and fell on top of Kerri. " Hey watch where you are.." Kerri stopped and looked at Libby for a while. " Hello?... You there, tough one?" Libby waved her hand in front of Kerri's face to see if she was ok. " Did I hurt you..? Are you ok?" Kerri blinked," I am fine little one. As I was saying.. watch where you're going. You could hurt someone." Kerri got up and walked off leaving Libby behind.

 Libby and Kerri knew each other years ago, But Kerri does not remember. In 7th grade, They were the best of friends. Kerri was one year ahead though. They split when Kerri went to 9th grade so.. Libby was alone for a long time. Kerri never came over to see Libby anymore and she completely blocked her out. Now, they were in the same school again and Libby was ready to see Kerri for the first time in a year. 

 " Kerri... wait up!" Kerri turned around to see the girl running to her. " How do you know my name child? Do you stalk me?" Libby looked confused,' No.. It is me.. Libby. Do you remember me?" It was silent for a while. Kids walked pass the girls in the middle of the hallway.              " Libby... OH.. Libby." Kerri hugged Libby for a minute then the bell rang. " Come to my house after school Libby.. I know you know where I live."

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