Star Trek Endeavor: Limits

The USS Endeavor under the command of Captain Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is bound for its first mission only that it will change one of the crew to have god like powers and threaten the rest of the crew.


6. 6

Ender (voice), “Captain’s log star date 2341.4, commendations to Lt. Elle, Lt. Commander Delphiki and the engineering team.  The main engines on the Endeavor are almost fully charged and the dilithium crystals are installed to the main warp core.  The landing party is starting to beam back up on the Endeavor with extra parts in case we develop further problems.  Mitchell, whatever he’s become, keeps changing, growing stronger by the minute.  He’s even starting to grow strong where he could enter people’s minds.  According to reports from the ship’s doctor several crewmen saw images of Mitchell while they were sleeping but so far he has done nothing to harm them yet.  It is my belief as the ship’s captain that the Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell that we have known is now gone.” After watching the rest of the landing party beam to the ship and only Elle remaining at the shuttle Ender materialized and approached Petra as she stood waiting and he said, “Are you sure you want to be here?” Petra replied, “The sooner we get out of here the better.” They walked away and entered the holding area where Mitchell is to see Dr. Daner observing him and she said, “He’s been standing there for hours.” Ender said, “Lets get going.” Daner said, “I’m staying behind.” As Ender and Petra were looking at her puzzled Mitchell was looking in the direction where Elle is and saw Elle was talking to his communicator next to a computer console outside the shuttle.  Mitchell (in his mind) moved one of the electrical cables and when Elle was leaning back on the console a lever on a circuit breaker went up and the cable dropped on the console and there was a large flash and an electrical discharge as Elle cringed and shook as he was electrocuted and his Andorian body turned from blue to charcoal black with the exception of his white hair as he fell lifeless on the floor.  Daner yelled, “He is not evil!” Ender yelled back, “Doctor I gave you an order!” Mitchell looked at them and raised his right hand to the shield and he said, “You should have killed me when you had the chance Ender.” Ender then started moving towards Mitchell and Mitchell flexed his hand and Ender was thrown back and hit the far wall hard as he fell unconscious and Petra charged towards the console only to be hit by an electrical bolt that issued forth from the force field where Mitchell’s hand was at.  Once Petra was knocked out by the electrical discharge and fell next to Ender, Mitchell waved his hand and the force field turned off and Dr. Daner walked towards him.  She stood in front of a mirror in Mitchell’s room with her eyes closed as Mitchell stood next to her and when she opened her eyes she had the same eyes Mitchell has.


    Ender woke up when he heard the ship’s doctor’s yell, “Wake up captain!” When Ender was able to stand up he said, “What happened?” The doctor replied, “It was Mitchell.  He electrocuted and killed Elle and Dr. Daner went with Mitchell.  I came down with a security team and we were knocked out as well.” The doctor was about to give Petra a shot till Ender blocked his hand and said, “Not yet, this is my fight I should have done earlier.  Where did he go?” The doctor replied, “Outside to the left, down the valley.  He somehow changed the entire climate on this planet from being a frozen hell to the Rocky Mountain system of that of Earth!” Ender looked at the doctor speechless at first but then he said, “Get Petra to the Endeavor and have the ship distant itself from the planet.  If Mitchell can change the weather on this planet then the Endeavor is in great danger.  Tell Commander Arkanian if I don’t respond in two hours the Endeavor will proceed to the nearest starbase at maximum warp with my recommendation to hit this planet with a large concentration of neutron radiation.” The doctor was about to speak till Ender raised his hand and grabbed the phaser rifle that is next to the doctor and said, “Don’t protest doctor that’s an order!” The doctor nodded and said, “Good luck captain.” And Ender ran through the installation till he exited outside and saw the entire surface turned from the frozen, winter like climate to a clear desert like surface with mountains in the distance like that of the Rocky Mountain system of Earth.  He looked about to see if there was any sign of Mitchell or Dr. Daner till he noticed footprints on the dirt surface and he followed them in the hopes of finding both Gary Mitchell and Dr. Daner.

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