Star Trek Endeavor: Limits

The USS Endeavor under the command of Captain Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is bound for its first mission only that it will change one of the crew to have god like powers and threaten the rest of the crew.


5. 5

Ender (voice), “Captain’s log star date 2340.1, we’re now approaching Delta Vega, course set for a standard orbit.  This planet is an ice world where the only inhabitants are the ferocious wildlife.  It is also rich with crystals and minerals that are mined by the automated installation on the surface that also has the dilithium crystals we need to replace the ones we lost.  Lt. Elle’s task, prepare a landing party to go to the outpost and scrounge whatever he could find to repair the damage to our engines including dilithium crystals.  Our task, transport a man that helped us how to operate the Endeavor and a close friend to Captain James T. Kirk to the mining outpost and if successful, marooned him there.” The sickbay doors opened and Ender, Petra and Dr. Daner entered and saw Mitchell was already dressed and sitting back on the bed when they suddenly saw (to their shock) a cup of water moving in the air to Mitchell’s outstretched hand and drank it.  Ender walked in as Mitchell held his empty cup and said,” Its like a men being blind all of his life and suddenly he has sight.” The cup then floated away from his hand but Ender caught it in mid-air as Mitchell smiled and then looked at Ender and said, “Some people think that makes me a monster, having all these abilities that no one else has don’t they Ender?” Ender looked worried and replied, “Are you reading all our thoughts Gary?” Mitchell smiled and replied, “I sense mainly worry from you Ender.  The safety of your crew.” Ender replied, “What would you do if you were me Gary?” Mitchell looked past Ender and at Petra and replied, “Probably what Petra is thinking now.” Dr. Daner looked at Petra and at Mitchell when Mitchell said, “Kill me, while you still can.” Ender turned back towards Petra and Dr. Daner but stops himself and turns back on Gary (who know looks angry).  When Ender stepped towards him Mitchell extended his left hand an electrical charge hit Ender and fell to the floor with a look of shock and Petra then moved quickly towards Mitchell but was also hit by a charge and fell to the floor as well.  Dr. Daner yelled, “Stop it Gary!” Mitchell smiles and says, “I also know we are orbiting Delta Vega captain and you want to maroon me there.  I may not want to go willingly captain, there is so much I want to do on this ship.” Ender and Petra stood up as Mitchell continued to say, “I may want to find another place, a world I can use.” Daner and the others looked worried and Dr. Daner said, “Use?” Mitchell said, “It’s not clear yet, but I am getting stronger.” He then gets up from the bed and starts walking towards them except he looks at the ceiling with his hands raised and says, “Imagine all the abilities I can use, like maybe a god can...” Suddenly Ender punched him in the stomach and face while Petra hit his back and Mitchell fell on the floor on his back while Dr. Daner quickly pulled out her tranquilizer from her bag and gave Mitchell a shot and he passed out.


    In the transporter room Nikolai is behind the transporter controls as he waited for Ender, Petra, Dr. Daner and Gary Mitchell when they came in only Ender and Petra were dragging/carrying Mitchell by his arms as he was passed out.  They just got Mitchell up to the transporter pad when all of a sudden Mitchell became conscious and struggled in their grip.  Joachim (who was standing by) jumped in and helped hold Gary when he said, “You fools!  I can easily squash you like insects!” Daner gave him another shot and they all stood on the transporter pads with Ender holding Mitchell as they were beamed to the surface.  


    When they reenergized on the snowy/windy surface Petra went to help Ender with Mitchell and carried him inside the installation as Joachim held the door open till they all entered.  Elle ran up to them and said, “Sir we rigged his confined quarters.” Ender replied, “Okay, take him.” Mitchell was hauled away by Petra and Elle as the others followed behind and Dr. Daner said, “There’s no souls on this planet?” Ender replied, “No one but us sheep Dr. Daner.” They exited the corridor and saw crewmen taking apart a shuttle that sat in the middle of the large room with cables and wires attached to it.  Two crewmen took over carrying Mitchell and Elle examined one of the consoles one of the crewmen took out from the shuttle when Ender approached and said, “Where would the fuel vents leak be detonated?” Elle replied, “Over at the shuttle sir.” They both walked inside as crews continued working and Elle showed him the red button on the pilot’s console and said, “This is used for the take off but I can rig a trigger to that button.  All the other controls will be stripped apart and be taken with us so he won’t be able to use the shuttle to escape.” Ender said, “Good work, get it done.” Ender’s communicator goes off and Ender pulled it out and said, “Yes?” Petra replied, “Sir he’s regaining consciousness.” Ender said, “I’ll be there.” He closed his communicator and walked out of the shuttle.


    Mitchell was walking around in a room made for his accommodations with a force field keeping him in as Dr. Daner and Joachim stood in front of the field as another crewman stood behind a small standup console at the corner of the room when Ender and Petra walked in and stood next to Daner and Joachim.  Ender turned to Dr. Daner and said, “Dr. Daner tell the ship’s doctor I only want one medical person here at all times until we transport.” Dr. Daner replied, “Yes sir, but I’m staying here.” Ender nodded and Dr. Daner pulled out her communicator when Mitchell said, “Captain Wiggin, I remember how green you were taking your first command of the Endeavor.  Without me you will still be playing all the controls and have no idea what they can do to the ship.  Why are you afraid of me?” Ender replied, “You tested your ability to take over the ship and in the transporter room you said we are like insects to you, squashing us if we get in your way.” Mitchell replied, “You know I was drugged.” Ender said, “Yes, but also in sickbay you said if you were me you would kill a mutant like yourself.” Mitchell smiles and says, “You’re right, you should kill me or be fools not to.” Daner said, “You don’t mean that Gary.” Mitchell walked towards the force field and says, “Men cannot survive over true espirits, in time you’ll understand...” He walked into the shield and tried to push through but the shield shocked him (though he ignored the pain as he kept trying to push through) and he stopped.  He then leapt towards the shield as Ender yelled, “Gary don’t!” And Mitchell rebounded and fell against the wall on the other end of the room and fell.  As he looked towards Ender his eyes turned to normal and he said (with a confused expression), “Ender?” Ender looked shocked and said, “Look!  His eyes are back!” Petra said, “For a moment at least.  The shield must have drained his power.” Mitchell’s eyes then turned back and he stood up, walked back towards the shield as Ender and the others looked nervous and Mitchell said, “I’m still growing stronger captain.” They continued to watch Mitchell with nervousness as he stood there.


    On the Endeavor, Nikolai worked with the engineers and after clipping on the last circuit beneath one of the destroyed bridge consoles all the lights and power came on and Nikolai stepped up and said, “Beautiful!” And he slapped the shoulder of one of the engineers and Nikolai presses a button on the navigation console and said, “All bridge systems are functionally normally captain, they fit perfectly!” Ender said, “Good Nikolai, no lets see if the main engines will come back online.” Nikolai replied, “I’ll get on it right away sir!” After Ender puts away his communicator Petra enters the shuttle and said, “He tried to get through the force field again but his eyes changed faster this time.” Ender turns to Petra and said, “Dr. Daner says he’s not that dangerous.  What makes you think you are right and she is wrong?” Petra replied, “You know why Ender.  She’s fascinated with his abilities even to the point where she is fanatic.  In my opinion we would be lucky to repair our ship and get away in time.” Ender walked over to Elle and said, “Is it ready?” Elle replied, “Yes sir.  Hit that button and it will take out the installation and the entire valley.” Ender said, “Good, if Mitchell gets out and he is on his way here I want you to hit that button.” Elle looked at Ender with discomfort but he nodded in agreement.

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