Star Trek Endeavor: Limits

The USS Endeavor under the command of Captain Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is bound for its first mission only that it will change one of the crew to have god like powers and threaten the rest of the crew.


10. 10

Petra woke up and noticed she is in sickbay with a breathing mask over her face lying on a bed and she saw Ender standing over her with his hand stroking her hair as he now smiled and she said, “How long was I out?” Ender replied, “A few hours.” She then removed her mask and sat up in bed when the doctor came out with a worried expression on his face and said, “You need to rest commander!” And he stood next to her as if to keep her from getting up, but she raised her hand and said, “I’m fine, after that nice long rest I’m ready to resume my duties.” Ender looked at the doctor and nodded and the doctor turned away shaking his head as he grumbled.  Petra stood up stretching her muscles and uniform and said, “Are we ready to leave captain?” Ender replied, “Yes commander.” Petra smiled and they both left sickbay and walked down the corridor to the nearest turbo lift.


    The USS Endeavor pulled away from the orbit of Delta Vega and headed out into space as Ender said, “Captain’s log star date 2340.9, we have left orbit of Delta Vega and are heading to Starbase 11.  Commendations to Dr. Daner, Lt. Elle and Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell for giving their live in performance of their duties.  The surface change to Delta Vega makes it now available for colonization and the rebuilding of the automated mining installation due to the faulted air vents.” Petra left her station and stood next to Ender and he said, “I already sent a classified communique to Starfleet and they agreed that what I said in the captain’s log is at least proper for Gary Mitchell.  He didn’t deserve to act the way he did.” Petra said, “I know captain, it was the barrier.  I hope this situation does not happen again.” Ender said, “Don’t worry, Starfleet had sent a message to all starships and bases to warn other ships not to approach the Galactic Barrier.” The USS Endeavor moved out of the Delta Vega system and then went to trans-warp, leaving a warp trail behind it.

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