Secrets : We All Have One

This book is all about secrets and how everyone has one. It is not easy to share some secrets, but others you just blab everywhere.


1. I Have A Secret, So Do You

We all have secrets in our life. We might not want to share them, but they are there. You might not like it, but it's there and it will haunt you unless you tell someone. It could be a parent, a TRUSTING friend that won't go behind your back and say shit about you, it could be your sibling. I have secrets in my mind. So do you. These secrets are more like questions that i ask myself, but i still consider them secrets. I definitely don't like my secrets because they hurt my head and make me feel like im dying inside. I sort of like the feeling of dying inside, but i don't at the same time. I do because it feels good to me, but i don't because it hurts my friends more than it hurts me.

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