The super family

(Young Justice Fanfic)
Supergirl and Superboy were Superman's clones, what happens when Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin find and free them?


1. Just saying: NOT A CHAPTER

I do NOT own the cover of the story, I also do NOT own the Supergirl used in the story.

I DO however own the outfits shown in the story, if you would like to use them, just ask.

I also do NOT own Young Justice League, as much as I wish I did though.

You are NOT allowed to steal/copy my story, because it is MINE


If you would like to be a co-author, just ask in the comments, and I will look at some of your stories, if you don't have a story, just make a short one in the comments...or just make something :P

If you are a co-author, and you would like to add your OC, please tell me about him/her, so I can see if it can be in the story.

If you want to add a chapter, save it as a draft to I can see it before it is published. I want to make sure it is kid-friendly.


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