The super family

(Young Justice Fanfic)
Supergirl and Superboy were Superman's clones, what happens when Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin find and free them?


2. Attacking.

Supergirl's POV:(Me: P.S She's 16 like Superboy 😛)

I woke up and saw three males in front of me. One had red hair, he seemed to be fifteen, a boy with silver-ish white(Me: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT COLOR AQUALAD'S HAIR IS!!) hair, he looked sixteen, and the smallest had black hair, and looked thirteen. I looked to my left, to see, who I recognized as Superboy, glairing at the boys. Maybe they're a threat.

But as soon as the G-Gnomes (Idk what they're called) said they WERE a threat, I attacked. I flew and tackled the red head, the same time Superboy tackled the sliver/white haired boy, once he was on the ground I punched him in the face twice before, he pushed me off, he got in a fighting stance, while the younger boy tried to get Superboy off of the white haired boy, Superboy punched the smaller one off, when the red head, started running around me.

Kid Flash, should've known. I thought, I threw a punch to my left, and he fell into a tube of glass, he was knocked out, I recognized the younger boy as Robin, he threw these smoke bombs at me and Superboy, The white haired boy known as Aqualad, kicked Superboy back, while the smoke was still on me, Kid Flash got up and punched me back. Robin shot something at Superboy making him get electrocuted, he grabbed the cords and pulled it to him, making Robin go to him, but Superboy moved, so Robin came to me, and I hit him with a punch to the face, knocking him back to Superboy. He threw him to the ground, and put his foot on his chest, making Robin pass out. My attention was taken from them to Kid Flash, when he kicked me in the gut, then kneed me in the face. I grabbed his shoulders and head-butted him, then sent five punches to his gut, then one knee to the face, He was out.

"Enough!" Aqualad called, hitting Superboy back with a hammer "We are trying to help you" He called putting his hand out, I flew in from above and kicked him in the back of the head, sending him to Superboy, who punched him into a wall. I grabbed Aqualad from behind, and Superboy punched his gut seven times, then he threw a uppercut making Aqualad fall into the ceiling. He was FINALLY out.

Superboy and I nodded to each other, then he punched, and I kicked the door open. The doctor walked behind us, and looked at what we did.

"Perfect." He said.




A/N: GAH! FIRST CHAPTER!! What'd you think? It seemed pretty cool to me. 

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