Falling for the Enemy

When Ember Matthews found out she was getting transferred to Hogwarts to finish her lessons she knew she was going to stand out her rainbow eyes and extraordinary beauty always drew attention that’s why her parents sent her to an all girls school so when terror struck and a strange attack on her school forced her and her classmates to attend Hogwarts the remainder of their lessons for the semester she was ready for the questions and weird stares but some things no one can be ready for.


2. Makeovers and Mayhem

 "Sorry for the rough landing ladies welcome once again I am Albus Dumbledore headmaster of Hogwarts this here is Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter they will be showing you around and show you to your head quarters I have had a portrait on the  third floor opened cleaned and prepared with beds showers and a common room you guys should find it very welcoming and the password for the portrait is Wiggy Wiccins you need to announciate the password upon entering and you will abide by our rules here at hogwarts no exceptions you will b in your common room by 10 every night and up at 7 to be ready for class by 9 classes vary by days Monday, Wendsday, and Friday you will have Potions, Charms, Herbology, Transfiguratation and Defense Against the dark Arts and on Tuesdays you will have Care of magical creatures, divination and Study hall and fridays are free days any questions?" "yes i have one what the heck is going on im drug out of bed at 2 am because of some attack and then drug through a portal that really made me nauseous and then forced me to land on my rump that will probably leave a bruise to a school that is old and creepy no offense but i think we deserve to know what the heck is going on here?" "That your right young lady may i ask your name?" "Ember" "ahh Ember right you are you guys do deserve to know i feel like The Dark Lord has returned and those intruders are deatheaters they follow him and do his bidding hes been after Harry here for years" "ok but what does that have to do with our school?" "well there could be many reasons hes could be looking for more recruits, looking for a new lair or looking for someone else" as he said this he gave me a strange look "o-oh i see" "well then if there are no more questions Harry, Ron, Hermione can you take these lovley ladies and get them settled in their dorm" "yes sir follow me"  we followed them through hallways with moving portraits that was something ive never seen before then we approached steps "heads up guys these stairs move so watch your step" "move?" "just then the stair case we were standing on moved i grabbed the side "oh my god" "told ya" we continued up the staircase to the third floor this time Hermione Spoke "This is the third floor your portrait is through there just cite the password it should open you will find all your things will have been delivered if you guys need anything just find one of us and welcome to Hogwarts" she left we walked through the portrait and all grabbed beds and crashed tomorrow was sat thank god so i thought id sleep in a little and wonder around the school.

The sun came up and i sat up in bed and looked out the window it was an absolutly beautiful morning I got out of bed and headed to shower i walked in and Hannah was drying her hair and putting on her makeup "so want to go explore Hogwarts?" "that sounds like fun wonder if there are any cute guys in this joint" I laughed i got my shower got dressed and did my hair and makeup:




I walked out "ready Hannah" "i am i am" we walked out of the portrait "which way should we go?" "uh" "oh hello there you guys must be from Mejesestic Witching School i'm Ginny i cans how you around if you like?" "oh that would be fantastic Ginny thank you so much" "no problem whats your names?" "i'm Ember and this is Hannah" "its nice to meet you both" she paused a minute and looked at me "wow your eyes are..." "i know i know extrodinary" "beautiful ive never seen anyone she with rainbow eyes before" "im one of a kind" she smiled "so you guys hungary?" "yes famished" I looked at Hannah "guess thats a yes" "well we'll head to the great hall for breakfast then go from there how does that sound theres a lot to see" "great" we said together we followed her down the steps and down the hall she then stopped at a huge double door "ladies the great hall" she opened the door and reveled a huge beautiful room with 4 long tables and one long table in the front "wow" "you can sit over here with us if you want" "ok" we followed her over and sat down next to her "good morning girls you sleep well?" "yes Hermione we did thalenks" "no problem guys will love it here" "so far its been welcoming even the ghosts are friendly" "some of them some of the, are just annoying" "oh Ron's talking about Peeves hes quiet the trickster  and Ron is his main target" Hermione said laughing "not funny Hermione" "well, well, well what have we here your not from around here and ive never seen you guys in here why are two beautiful ladies such as yourselves hanging with this lot their a bunch of muggle lovers" I turned around to face the voice "excuse me?" his smirk disappeared when he looked at me "wow your just as weird as they are what the heck are you freak no one has rainbow eyes" i was getting heated "who do you think you are?" "Malfoy, Draco Malfoy" I stood up "well Draco Malfoy I dont like you and i meay have rainbow eyes but i am a normal pureblood witch but i come from a very powerful family so i suggest you beat it" "ohh what are you going to do give me warts or something" him and his buddies laughed i reached up and scratched my nose "you belong with these freaks" he said walking away i sat down and proceeded to eat but i watched Draco out of the corner of my eye he sat down next to this girl at the ravenclaw table soon as she looked up from her book she screamed got up and laughed then the whole room was laughing I looked at Dracos wart covered face and waved with a smirk on my face "wow Ember that was wonderful" "thanks Harry i cant stand people who think they are better then everyone around them" "you and me both you would be a perfect gryffindor if you like it here you should transfer next year" I smiled at him "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!"  I turned and stood up and faced The wart covered face of Draco "who me i didnt do anything not my fault you cant handle your blemishes you know i have some concealer that will fit your skin tone perfectly" "why you little..." I smirked at him "what are you smiling at" "im smiling because you have no idea who you are dealing with my friend so yo umay want to read the ingredients before opening this can of worms" "i will get you back for this" "oo im scared" he turned on his heel and stormned away "wow Em im so lucky your my best friend" "you know me Hannah i dont play around with bullshit" i sat back down "how are you so confident Ember?" I looked at Hermione "I was raised to not put upwith anyones crap i was raised to go with my heart and do what i need to do to solve my problem so when it comes to little toads like Malfoy he gets what he deserves" "wow your awesome wish i had a friend like you" "hey!" both Ron ad Harry shouted "guys lets face it i need female friends i mean I love you guys but i need girlfriends" "well Hermione your more than welcome to be our friend we love making friends never to much room for friends we'll go shopping get our nails done go for drinks hang out have sleepovers Ginny you to" "that sounds wonderful" "great lets hang out tonight sleep over in our dorm" "ok" after we finised eating we got up "this castle has so much to explore so shall we?" we followed her outside to the courtyard "this is the courtyard great place to just find a tree and sit and hang out, read a book or do homework" try to avoid the dungeons unless your heading to class its slytherin territory and they will let you know" "they dont scare me" "now Potions and Deense Against the Dark Arts are in the dungeons professor Snape Teaches them both hes a good teacher but he is very very freaky and mean but he knows his stuff" "we had a professor like that she was evil i swear she hated me im very open and outspoken dont think she liked it much" "doesnt help that Ember was always playing pranks on her she put toads in her office set cornish pixies loose int he classroom shes put a silencing spell on her as well" "man you would get along with my brothers prefectly they are all the time playing pranks on people especially the professors" we walked down to the Quidditch field "oh my gosh yo uguys have quidditch?" "yeah you play" "o but i loved watching it our school felt it was to proper to have quidditch" "heads up!" Hannah turned fast enough to see a bludger flying towards her head and ducked just in time "boy that was a close one there wasnt it George?" "right you are Fred" "Hannah, Ember these are my prankster brothers Fred and George" "pleasure" they said in unison "you guys should have seen what Ember did to Malfoy" they looked from Ron to us "what did you do?" "ooo he was giving me shit about my eyes and i gave him warts" "wicked" they said smiling "why thank you" "we have to hang out sometime" "me and george here do pranks all the time" Fred walked away George stood there for a second "by the way your eyes are very beautiful" "thanks"  he smiled and walked off "he was cute and i think he was flirting with you" I shoved Hannah "shut up" I said laughing "what just being honest he was cute" "yeah he was he was sweet to" we walked towards a huge hut "wow who lives there?" I said pointing towards the hut "oh thats Hagrids hut hes the care of magical creatures teacher and a very good friend of ours lets go introduce you" we followed Harry towards the hut "Ello guys and who migh' t these l lovley young ladies be" "hello Hagrid this is Ember and Hannah they are from that all girls witching school that was under attack last night they are staying here at Hogwarts for the remainder of the year" "oh wel' then welcome ter Hogwarts I reckin I'll be seein yeh in Care of Magical Creatures class" "its wonderful to meet you" we waved and conitinued the tour they showed us all the classrooms the whomping willow "you guys hungary its about 1 o clock?" "yeah actually" "ok lets go to Hogsmeade?" "do what?" "Hogsmeade?" "its like a wizard mall its got shops, restraunts, Arcades, bars, nail salons, hair salons its actualy really nice "oh my god" i sheriked the trio and ginny all grabbed their wands "that dress is beautiful i must have it I went into the shop and came out with a new outfit and shoes to match Hanah came out with stuff as well "wow" Hermione said "you have some great style i could never pull that off" I smiled "Ron, Harry thanks for the tour but we no longer need your services meet us for lunch in 2 hours we need some girl time" I grabbed Hermione and Ginny and went to the clothing store"um guys what are we doing in here?" "well my friend you and hermione like out style we can make it happen and make it work" "Were experts on this stuff we have ways to change our hair and we make any type of clothing work" "after we shop we are going to get your hair done and nails and toes" "wow this is exciting" we took them into the store and grabbed clothes for them to try on we bought a ton of outfits Hermione came out in a maroon shirt with a jean acket and a jean skirt Ginny came out in a pair o dark washed deniem jeans and blue shirt with sequins next step was hair we went to the salon and got hermiones hair cute shorter and got it less frizzy and ginny got extensions and added some black through her already fire red hair they looked fantastic "ok girls now the fun part mani pedis" we went to he salon and got our nails and toes done we bought makeup lipgloss and shoes "well you guys look fantastic" "we feel fantastic thank you guys so much" "what are friends for?" "guess we should go meet the guys" "yeah" we all headed to a place called Hogshead we walked in the boys stood up then their jaws dropped to the floor me and Hannah walked over to them and pushed their jaws shut with our finger "they lok hot right?" "they nodded still not blinking" Ginny and Hermione started blushing "so shall we eat" they nodded again me and hannah looked at each other and smiled after we ate we headed back to the castle "think we are going to head down to the quidditch field to watch Harry practice you guys want to go?" "no i think i might just walk around for a little bit" "ill go" "see you later we'll be at the field if you change your mind" "ok have fun" I walked to the library and was walking down the isles looking at the books i loved books i decided to take one off the shelf and read it it was about a certain type of witch it was a Fiery witch they descent from fairies " A Fiery With which is a descinendent from fairies this witch is very rare yet very powerful although she may have regular witch and wizard parents she has a fairy in her family along the line this witch is easily pointed out with her absolute beauty, ability to change hair, eyes, and do powers without a wand or practice but what stands out the most is their beautiful mezmerizing rainbow eyes......" I stopped reading and sat down i couldnt find the words to speak i continued reading " this witch is more powerful than any other creature on this earth with the blood o fairy and witch the two combined make one deadly weapon. The Fiery witch can be evil or good its all about who she is around and what shes introduced to and how they are raised if they were raised in a place of hate and blood shed they will be thle darkest most powerfuland e dangerous beings on this earth, but if raised with love, faith and kindness she will grows to be the ultimate protector to all beings...." I thought to myself "that explains so much" "what explains what?"  I jumped and saw George standing there "oh hey George nothing what are you up to" "not much was looking for you actually" "me? what for?" "i wanted to talk to you and get to know you i find you incredibly attractive and not just by lookss you  seem like a great girl and i could use a new pranking buddy" I laughed "your laugh is like a bunch of little bells its so cute" "thanks" "so what do you say we grab some lunch sometime this week?" "i would  love to" "Look Crabbe its two freakshows" "Malfoy im really starting to dislike you more and more""why do you say that im a likeable person" "by what cockroaches" he sneered at me "who the hell do you think you are no one talks to me like that im the king bee here" I stood up to look him in the eyes "no one likes you Malfoy other than your groupies you are an irrogant jackass look around you people really dont care what you have to say do you see anyone getting up and running or asking you for your time or autograph hmmm no dont think so but see me everyone ls hi to me and likes me and says hi and talks to me and ive only been here one day so guess theres a new QUEEN bee in town and i respect my peerx you so i suggest you take your kids and disappear from my sight before i hex you again" he sneered at me harder "this isnt over" "i think it is" I said as he turned around i waved my hand and gave him a tail he started freaking out and ran from the library "that was awesome" I turned when i herd George "i dont put up with bullshit so about those drinks?" "ill owl you and let you know you truley are amazing i have to go tell Fred" he ran off I sat back down and looked at the book i picked it up and checked it out i had to find out more about myself and i had to show this book to Hannah with that i headed to dinner "hey guys" "hey" "how was quidditch?" "it was good until it started raining" "I saw what you did to Malfoy that was brilliant" "thanks Ron" we ate and all headed to bed "Hannah i have something i want to show you" we changed for bed and sat down in the common room "i found out why my eyes are how they are" I opened the book and showed it to her "wow you come from a line of fairies?" "yeah somehow along the line i have fairies in my family" "wow thats so intresting" "a part of me wonders if im what Voldemort was after last night it says here 'The Fiery witch can be evil or good its all about who she is around and what shes introduced to and how they are raised if they were raised in a place of hate and blood shed they will be thle darkest most powerfuland e dangerous beings on this earth, but if raised with love, faith and kindness she will grows to be the ultimate protector to all beings...' what if he wants me as a weapon against hogwarts?" "wow thats scary have you read further?" "no but i plan to" "wow well at least you know who you are thats a plus right?" "yeah i guess so" "lets get some sleep well ask Hermione what she knows tomorrow" "ok night Hannah" "night".

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