Falling for the Enemy

When Ember Matthews found out she was getting transferred to Hogwarts to finish her lessons she knew she was going to stand out her rainbow eyes and extraordinary beauty always drew attention that’s why her parents sent her to an all girls school so when terror struck and a strange attack on her school forced her and her classmates to attend Hogwarts the remainder of their lessons for the semester she was ready for the questions and weird stares but some things no one can be ready for.


1. Journey to Hogwarts

"Quick Ember get out of bed the schools under attack" I flew out of bed "what do you mean?" I yelled "shhhhh hush we have to sneak out the headmistress sent one owl per dorm we have to go through the passage behind the painting in the common room and meet the teachers and head mistress in the dungeons" "whats going on Hannah?" I whispered "im not entirely sure but i do know its bad very bad we have to go now" "what about my things" "they'll be fine but we have to go now" me and my best friend tiptoed out and joined the panicking crowd that was shoving through the portrait fighting over whos next i was breathing a little heavy "Em calm down your going to hyperventilate" "sorry this is just to much all the yelling and screaming and shoving i cant take it" I took a deep breath and blew all of a sudden everyone around me got quiet and stopped in their tracks "thats better now lets calm down and in an orderly fashion proceed to the dungeon" "wow Em that was cool" "i cant take crazyness my anxiety cant take it" we walked through the portrait and down the many hallways that hid behind the walls and when we finally got to the dungeon the teachers were frantically trying to get everyone gathered and accounted for "students we have to leave the school right away i have already talked to the headmaster at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry he has oked us to come to their castle and stay as long as we need to" "um Miss Higgins i have a question?" "yes Ember?" "whats going on?" "well the school is under attack we have spotted intruders in the castle and they arent friendly they have put a spell on the school so that none of us can leave now we dont know who these intruders are but they are far from good Albus Dumbledore has an idea of what we are dealing with but refuses to give us anymore information until we arrive at Hogwarts" "but if theres a spell over the castle how are we getting to hogwarts?" "well were usuing something we have always told  you guys not to use in any circumstance but we have no choice" "were using a portal?" "yes Dumbledore has 3 of his most brilliant students his most faithful students opening up the portal from Hogwarts so i need three of my girls to help from our side Hannah, Ember and Avery you three are the smartest in the class so we are depending on you three" "what why us?" "you three have succeeded in many things i know you three can do this now hurry chant the spell" we took a deep breath "portal portal open up open up your path so that we may pass unto us another world open up to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry so that we may be clear of danger open up now"next thing we know the vortex opened wind powered through the dungeon and with a bright light we all got sucked into the portal i closed my eyes to keep myself from freaking out to much next thing i know we landed one by one with a thud after us three passed the other 150 students came pouring through our school was small wasnt big at all it was a private school so it wasnt big at all "ahh welcome ladies to Hogwarts".

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