Falling for the Enemy

When Ember Matthews found out she was getting transferred to Hogwarts to finish her lessons she knew she was going to stand out her rainbow eyes and extraordinary beauty always drew attention that’s why her parents sent her to an all girls school so when terror struck and a strange attack on her school forced her and her classmates to attend Hogwarts the remainder of their lessons for the semester she was ready for the questions and weird stares but some things no one can be ready for.


5. Change of Heart



I woke up the following morning ready for the day:

I managed to get the book and I did a lot of reading I found out that I had many many many advantages over ordinary witches like the power of healing I can control elements I can change my eye color I can levitate and so much more then I started reading the more powerful pages if trained in full I am a human wrecking ball i have no idea what I’m capable of I do know I can turn back time control not just one element at a time but all of them at once I can do mind control, kinetic energy, I mean who knew I can move things with my mind. I can also read the minds of those around me which puts me in advantage to the side I’m on if I can read what the opposing enemy is going to do I can alert them and they would be once step ahead I had to find Hermione and Hanna. After getting dressed I ran down to the great hall “Hermione, hanna you will never believe what I read last night in this book its extrodinary” “Em calm down and eat” “I can’t hanna I’m to pumped I want to share what I know “well I’m listning” “thanks hermione I have so many advantages on the other team its insane I can read minds, move things with my mind, I can control elements, change my appearance without polyjuice for as long as I need to, I can levitate,I can heal any wound I’m like a walking time bomb and I don’t even know it I can do anything an ordinary witch can with out spells and wands and potions” Hermione was silent “Well say something Hermione” “I’m just shocked and it occurs to me I think I know why Voldemort attacked your school we have to find Harry right away and tell him meet me after classes today we will have a group meeting I’ll owl Harry, Ron, Fred, George and Dumbledore” Hermione ran out of the great hall” Hanna finally pulled away from her food “whats her deal?” “shes on to something that’s what she knows something I don’t” “is that a good thing” “it’s a great thing Hanna it means I finally will get to know my true self who I am and what Im capable of” “well then this is exciting!” we took off to our classes first up was Care of Magical creatures I was so excited about this class I loved animals and love to learn the history behind them I was more than excited about this class “Hey Em” “hey babe” “hey how is my beautiful princess today?” “I was good but now I’m great” “great let me walk you to class” “hey Hanna” “hey Cedric” “would you like an escort to class” “I would love that” he grabbed her hand and they headed off together “shall we get you to Care of Magical Creatures than?” “we shall” we walked outside to the courtyard where Hagrid stood waiting George gave me a kiss “see you after class” “ok bye”. “ello clas fer those who don know me my name is Hagrid I’m groundkeeper of Hogwarts and now the Care of Magical Creatures professor in this Clas yer goin to be learnin bout all the differen types of creatures that resinate here on the Hogwarts ground now we are goin to pair up in groups of two now in this hat is a list of everyones name Ember you can come up here and pick yers first” I slowly walked to the front of the class and reached in a grabbed a name when I opened it my jaw dropped “can I pick again sir?” “Please call me Hagrid and no ma’am one draw per student” I handed him the paper “Mr. Malfoy your partners with Ember” “what!? No way you big oaf I’m not working with her” “to bad Mr. Malfoy it’s the one she drew” “professor I’m good with switching partners” he shook his head I walked back towards the back and Draco walked over to me “you will now touch me or talk to me got it!” “whatever asshole not like I purposely chose your ass to be paired with” “well just do me a favor and stay the hell out of my way” “oh don’t worry Mr. Malfoy I will no worries” we scoweled at each other then we both jumped when Hagrid Spoke “ok clas now that ye got yer partners we are going to head towards the dark forest for todays lesson” I raised my hand “Miss. Ember?” “what exactly is the lesson for today?” “youll see” he said with a grin we walked all the way down to the dark forest “ok clas now who here can tell me the types of creatures here at Hogwarts and in the wizarding world all together?” my hand shot up “well sir there are many different types you have Magical Creatures and prominate creatures magical creatures consist of Beasts, Spirits and then status unknown the prominent creatures are typical giants spiders ghosts boggarts etc.” “right 10 ppints to you and Mr. Malfoy today we are going to learn about beasts the first beast we will learn about is the blast ended Skrewt who here can explain these creatures?” Hermiones hand shot up “Hermione?” “ The Blast-Ended Skrewt is the result of a union between a Manticore and a Fire Crab some say they are like headless lobster great in stews and harmless unless messed with.” “brilliant Hermione now the next beast is called the bowtruckle which is a insect-eating, tree-dwelling wooden creature that is hard to spot they are "selective creatures who only inhabit worthy trees. They are alternatively called 'the wandmaker's friend' as the trees they inhabit can be used to make wand's wood. Ok heres what we are doin I want you guys and yer partners to go into the forest and see if you can find these beasts first ones back will get 100 points for their house now you wil hav to use yer books to find the beasts when you find one snap a picture with this its what muggles call a disposable camera I would assume you all know how ter use em now once yo u find them and take the pictures bring your cameras to me right here now go!” everyone went off into the forest. “ok Malfoy we need to go find a body of water but not just anywater has to be a certain temperature and there will be a sandy area with rocks under those rocks we should find the Skrewt” "don’t tell me what to do” “well I’m sorry id like to get a passing grade if that’s ok” “I know how to look for a damn skrewt” “ok then smartass find it” “I will” I followed Draco through the forest and he stopped at a little river “draco this water is to cold” “no its not” “ok” he went over and started looking around “ouch dammit” “what happened” I ran over to him “I pricked my finger” “really draco its just a thorn” “it hurt like a bitch though” “baby” “where are the damn skrewts” “you wont find them here draco” “how do you know” “because you need a warm body of water with sand and rocks” “who says” “the book says now will you stop being hardheaded and just listen to me” Ied the way to a small lake with sand and plenty of rocks “heres what we need” I walked right over lifted a rock and boom there layed a skrewt I snapped a picture “ok next we need to find a bowtruckle we need to find a wide variety and range of trees” “we’re in a bloody forest theres a bunch of trees take your pick” “you cant just pick any ole tree Mafloy it has to be a special tree they only stay in the most luxiourious” “it’s a tree whats so luxurious about it” “Are you going to sit here and complain Malfoy or are you going to help?” “theres a bu nch of trees how the bloody hell are we going to find luxurious trees” “easy look for a cherry wood with green leaves its very simple” we went deeper and deeper into the forest “Draco I think we went to far” “no we didn’t its through here I think I know my way around this place ive been here longer than you” “but you have poor direction” “do not” “then why is it just getting darker and darker and according to things Hermione has told me part of the forest is forbidden and I think we are entering those parts” “no we aren’t you aren’t from around here so shut your hold and follow me” “yeah follow you to my death I’m good I’m turning around and getting out of here” just as I turned around I herd a noise “shh Draco did you hear that?” “yeah sounded like footsteps” then we herd a twig snap I took out my wand as did Draco “there it is again” I said I knew I had a shake in my voice I was back to back with Draco “psst Draco theres someone here in front of me look” I said in a whisper not taking my eyes off the shadowy figure in front of us he slowly turned to face the same direction as me “don’t move it could be anything Ember” “I’m to scared to move anyway so were good” “now is not the time for smartass remarks god you’re an idiot” I wanted so much to punch him in the face but couldn’t move “what should we do the Draco since you know everything?” “fight what else” “I’m not fighting something I cant see” “just do your best” “I cant” “yes you can” I closed my eyes and felt a weird feeling in my hands i held my hand up and out of my hand shot 3 balls of fire I opened my eyes and saw the trees in front of me on fire “woah” “ok yes very impressive now try again but at the figure” at this point the figure held up what looked like a wand i blew the charm away from me and back at the figure and it dodged it so with me using my hands and Fiery Witch powers I never knew I had and Draco shooting off spells I started to feel a little better I shot ice electric fire water and controlled the plants around me but the sad part was I hit nothing “why aren’t you hitting anything” “I don’t know this is all new to me” “I’m doing all the damn work” “shut up Malfoy” then a green light headed my way “EMBER MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!!!” next thing I knew I was getting thrown against a tree and knocked out…… “Look shes waking up” I herd Hannas voice “its about time” “George?” “yes babe yes I’m here” I opened my eyes and saw I was in what looked like a hospital room i tried to dit up and got real dizzy and Hermione laid my head back down “take it easy you had quite the bump on your head” “what happened?” Hermione looked concerned “we don’t really know exactly what happened all we know is we were gathered outside the forest waiting for you and Draco and you guys never showed up but then Draco emerged carrying you you were knocked out have been for two days” “two days?!” “yeah its Thursday Em” “wheres Draco is he ok?” “yeah he’s over there but don’t mind him” “ron he saved my life I have to at least thank him” “why he’s an arrogant asshole” “yes but he saved my life when we saw that figure and it started attacking I was helpless I couldn’t hit anything but Draco was fighting and he was fighting a good fight I owe him that much” “shes right ron it’s the proper thing to do and you know it I hate Malfoy as much as you but he did save her” “guess your right Harry sorry Ember” “its ok” Hanna hugged me “ouch!” “sorry forgot you had some broken ribs Ive been really worried I thought I lost my best friend” “you didn’t I’m right here” “I know I just I didn’t see you wake up for two days I didn’t know what to think” “I’m fine” I smiled at her “ok guys you had your visit now off with you she needs rest and I need to tend to her wounds shoo” “bye Em” George kissed me “I thought I lost you don’t ever do that to me again ill see you tomorrow or I may try to sneak in later” I smiled “ok” they all walked off and the nurse who shooed them off came to my bedside “i’m madame Pomfrey I’m the nurse around here you took quiet the fall thankful Mr. Malfoy was there he saved your life now drink this potion” I tok a drink and made a face “that’s horrible” “well yess dear but healing doesn’t happened itself it’s a potion that wil help mend bones now get some rest its late” I looked at the clock and it was 7 o clock pm Madame Pomfrey shut the lights off and shut the doors I sat up slowly still a little dizzy and stumbled my way over to Dracos bed he was laying there asleep “Draco, pst Draco wake up” he jumped up “bloody hell what do you want” “to thank you if it wasn’t for you well I could be dead right now” “you have to work on your aim” “I know I’m sorry but thanks I’m sorry for what ive done to you you aren’t to bad of a guy I know that now you could have left me there to die but you didn’t that shows me you do have a heart in that cold stature somewhere” I hugged him and kissed his cheek “thanks Draco your my hero” I then walked to my bed and layed back down I felt really tired after taking that potion so I drifted to sleep. When I woke up the next day some of the pain a ceased I sat up slowly and saw Draco was gone Madame Pomfrey came to my bedside “hello dear how are we feeling?” “I feel a lot better thanks um wheres Draco?” “got released earlier this morning and you my dear are free to go as well take it easy though” “ok thanks so much” I couldn’t wait to get to the dorm room so I could take a shower and change my clothes then I wanted to find Draco and talk to him about what happened. I arrived at the common room and was soon in the arms of my best friend “oh Ember your out I’m so happy I missed you so much so what happened in there?” “I have no clue Hanna I have some questions that need answered myself and I still need to find Hermione and talk to her as well but first I need to find Draco” “why the sudden interest in Draco?” “well not only did he save my life but he saw what or who it was that attacked me I have some questions that need answered and he may be able to answer them for me” “ok well ill let you get ready do you want me to go with you?” “no I think this is something I need to handle but thanks” she just smiled at me “ok” she walked out of the common room probably heading to breakfast I sat on my bed and took out some parchment and wrote Draco a letter: Draco I know you and I got off on a bad start but I would like to get with you and discuss what happened in the forest that day. I would also like to make amends with you and maybe be friends after you saved my life I feel like I can trust you now and that’s hard for me to do but you could have left me there to die but you didn’t so I know you care deep deep deep inside If your up for talking please meet me by the whomping willow in one hour. Always Ember “Jade!” I called for my raven jade she came swooping in “hi girl please deliver this to draco Malfoy and I will have a snack ready for you on your return” she flew off and I got in the shower and got ready:

I then headed to the great hall for breakfast I walked over to the table and sat down next to George and he pulled me close and held me so tight “hey I’m so happy to see you you had me scared yesterday” “well i’m here and I’m fine all thanks to draco” “I still don’t like him” “I have a lot more respect for him now he saved my life” “yeah I know he still makes my skin crawl but remind me to thank him” I smiled soon The trio came in “Harry I need to ask you something” “yea Ember?” “well ive herd how many times you fought the dark lord do you think that was him we saw in the woods?” “honestly yeah I think it was because once you and Draco came out they went in searching and found no one and Draco told Dumbledore the figure disappeared guess he and Draco fought it out awhile and Draco used the crucioutous curse and the guy disappeared so I believe it was” “well do you think you could train me how to fight him and his foillowers?” “id be happy to how about we meet every day after dinner and we can train until curfew” “sounds good t hanks a lot harry means a lot” “I’m glad I can help Hermione and Ron will help to they fought beside me with every battle” “you guys rock I have to go I’m meeting Draco” George froze and got a worried look on his face “why?” “to ask him what happened and to thank him for saving my life” “do you have to?” I kissed George “yes I do trust me itll be ok ill be ok I trust him he did save my life” I kissed him and headed out the door I walked down the path past Hagrids hut and all the way to the whomping willow there stood Draco under the Willow leaning against the tree I walked up and sat down beside him “should we be sitting here I mean it’s the whomping willow?” “its fine after Potter and Weasly wrecked it first year Dumbledore put a spell on it so it doesn’t do much whomping anymore” “oh got you anyway thanks for meeting me” “lok doesn’t mean were going to be close I still don’t like you” “I understand but I wuld like to call it truce and I would like to be friends I’m sorry for everything ive done to you and now I have a lot of respect for you like I said you didn’t have to save me you could have ran and left me there but you didn’t and that meant a lot” “well your welcome can I go now” “no actually I have some questions do you know who that was in the forest?” “no clue” “but you fought him” “I know but I didn’t see his face he kept it hidden” “do you know what it wanted?” “no I didn’t I just know that I used a spell to move your ass out of the way he used the worst possible curse on you and if it would have hit you, you would be dead it was the death curse I got you out of the way and blocked the spell from hitting myself” “but..” “I have to go” “ok thanks again Draco but hey I have one more question” “what?” “why did you save me?” he paused looked back at me then walked away. At the end of the talk I had more questions then I did answers and that’s one thing I hated I headed towards the castle and was stopped by Hermione “thank go I found you classes have been cancelled and we are all being told to go to the great hall immediately” she grabbed my arm and we ran towards the castle and to the great hall once everyone was in they closed the doors everyone was talking and panicking “SILENCE NOW AS YOU ALL KNOW A PERSON OR PERSONS WAS SPOTTED IN THE FOREST WELL SOMEONES BEEN SPOTTED IN THE CASTLE AS WELL ALL PROFESSORS ARE TO GO PATROL THE SCHOOL STUDENTS NEED TO GO TO THEIR COMMON ROOMS AND STAY THERE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE GO NOW EACH PROFESSOR WILL ESCORT YOU TO YOUR COMMON ROOMS FOR SAFTY KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN!” everyone was panicking we all got escorted to the rooms and spells were put on every room no one was going in and no one was going out “what the hell is going on?” “hanna you need to relax” “I will not relax first our school now Hogwarts what can they be after?” “not what Hanna I think I know whats going on they do want anything they want someone voldemort wants someone” “who?” “me”.

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