A Summer to Remember

Ever wanted one of those cute summer flings that turn into something dangerous? Nope, neither did I.
But we don't always get what we want...


2. Serine Falls


Serine Falls


Brittany's POV


  All I could say about this place was that I had never missed my home so much before. Not even when I had to spend a week in some church camp with no phones, no electricity, and broken showers. Although some of the buildings here seemed new and nice, more than most had broken doors or cracked dirty windows.

   After my dad had dropped me off at his house, if you could call it that, he went to work: leaving me there. Go look around, it might be better than you expect. Deciding that Katie was right I sighed deeply and pulled on my shoes before running out the door into the summer heat.

   The walk from there to the town was actually pretty peaceful: being able to hear the things you don't in the busy city. All my thoughts of maybe enjoying it here vanished when I entered the town itself. At first it looked like something out of an old western movie, but the farther I walked into it I saw that there was no mall, the only clothing stores were cheap ones which sold hand me downs.

  After looking around the limited amount of stores they had I decided to get something small to eat at a cafe I had seen. It didn't look to bad, at least it had air conditioning. 'Small mocha latte.' Handing the lady a 10 she gave me change and I waited, looking around at the people. They all looked rather nice, by that I mean none stood out as a mad killer, and a few even waved politely as they passed. 'Mocha' Brittany.'

   Glancing up from my phone I stood, grabbed my drink and thanked the man before turning around. Smacking right into someone's chest. My drink flew out of my hands and landed all over the front of shirt and even in my hair, I shut my eyes to keep it from causing more damage as I hit the ground hard. 'Aw crap, I'm sorry doll..' A male's voice with a strong accent rang out in the now silent cafe, everyone was watching us. 

   'Here, take this.' A leather jacket dropped gently over my shoulders to cover my rather wet shirt, and then they knelt down in front of me. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of the person; damn...he couldn't be older than I was, his pure green eyes and dark brown hair were enough to make any girl swoon, he looked like one of those guys in the movies that girls become in love with, setting them as their phone wallpaper until the next movie came out.

 'You're not hurt are you? I didn't mean to bump into you, let me buy you another drink.' Holding out a hand to me he grinned, and that only my heart skip faster. He even had a movie star side smile. 'U-uh, no I'm not hurt, t-thank you though.' 'I'm Dylan, Dylan Scott.' I didn't respond at first, still taking in what he looked like, and feeling my cheeks warm up. 'Now's the time when you would tell me your name doll.' 

  Doll. Did he call everyone that or just me? Shaking my head I gave a small laugh. 'Sorry, I'm Brittany Lang.' Dylan nodded, then blinked a few times. 'So am I buying you that drink?' At that moment my phone buzzed, which had been spared the mocha falls, and I glanced at it. Head home, want 2 talk - dad. Did he have to sign his own texts? 'I actually have to get going, here's your jacket back.' 

  Dylan shook his head while chuckling, then grabbed my phone. 'H-hey!!' 'See you around doll.' He waved, handing it back and leaving, I looked down to see he had entered his number, I smirked. 'Dylan Scott ;)' Maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad after all..and I headed back for what was going to be home for a while. His jacket was warm, smelt like peppermint and barns, and it was comfortable as I walked. Right into the worst moments of my life. 


*Hey guys, really hope you're enjoying this. I've never written for other people to see so if you have any comments or anything please don't hesitate to put them down! I'll try to post a chapter a day, maybe every two days, not sure yet! Thanks!!*

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