A Summer to Remember

Ever wanted one of those cute summer flings that turn into something dangerous? Nope, neither did I.
But we don't always get what we want...


1. Introduction




  I can't believe your mom is making you spend summer in Montana! Brittany's hazel eyes roamed over the small words from her best friends text, she gave a strangled groan of agreement before quickly responding. Trust me, I hate this way more than you even know... Staring out of the dirty bus window her pale glossed lips formed a deep frown. Along with totally destroying all her already made plans and sending her up north, her mother couldn't even get her a plane ticket in time. So she was stuck on a dingy old bus with smelly guys and fat ladies. Her phone gave a buzz and she eagerly glanced at it. Who will I spend my weekends with now? Jacob's at his camp and then college! I have no one!! Suppressing the sudden urge to laugh at the fact that her friend could have made this about her again she shook her head, her wavy dark brown hair gliding down over her shoulder. We can still face time and text, I'm at a hotel Katie, not jail. 

   About half an hour later, and a quick face time to Katie she stood up, glad to finally be getting off this damn bus. 'Next stop, Serine Falls, Montana.' The bus driver announced, looking around to check if anyone was getting off. 'Excuse me, sir can you just-move!' Brittany's voice was the only one that was heard over the bus drivers, which gained her several people turning their heads to stare at her. The man she had been sitting next to her had fallen asleep, and didn't wake up. Sucking in a deep breath she squeezed past his rather large middle and into the aisle. Handing her ticket to the driver he nodded, clicked a side button next to the window on his left and she felt the baggage compartment open. 'You can get your own bag right?' He stared at her, his lazy eye blinked a few times. 'Yeah, don't want you to break a nail or anything.' Brittany grumbled, stepping down off the bus before walking to the side of it. After pushing beyond many heavy bags, some of which had to be too heavy for this old bus, she yanked out her Louis Vuitton purple suitcase and set it down on the dirt. Good luck in the land of hunting!! Katie's text did not make her feel any better about this situation, if anything it made her feel worse. Hunting. Her father owned a large part of the woods here, so he had also opened a resort for people to stay. 

  'Buttercup!' Hearing her father voice she turned around, a man dressed in jeans, a black button up shirt, and boots was walking to her; arms held open for a hug. 'Hey dad.' She smiled, permitting him to embrace her like she had done when she was younger. 'I'm so glad you're here for the summer, we're going to have lots of fun.' He smelt strongly of whiskey and sawdust, a strange combination but in all reality, it was rather soothing. He lifted her bag up, gaining a wince from her as she saw his silver watch scratch the side of it, and they began to walk toward the parking lot. Serine Falls had been built back when horses were the mode of transportation, and it didn't really look like anyone had ever changed it. One example of this was the horse trout outside the bus station, an actual horse trout. Brittany fought the desire to chase down the bus that was now leaving, to force the man to take her back home; to her dog Logo, her mom, her best friend. That of course wouldn't work, mainly for the fact that her mother wasn't home; she was somewhere else in the world at the moment. She was a photographer, and a highly skilled one too, but that meant that people wanted her to take their pictures of whatever they wanted. Her most recent job had been in Hawaii, Brittany had been left at home for two weeks while her mom saw the clear blue waters, the volcano's, and the native people. ' How is everything back home?' Her father asked, waking her from her walking daydream. 'Hmm? Oh, it's fine. Logo has a new friend, the Thomas's next door got a corgi.' 'That's good, how's Katie?' Brittany had told him about her before, and he had met her back when him and mom were still together. 'She's alright, still boy crazy and fashion obsessed.'

   'Haha, well I see that rubbed off onto you Missy.' Glancing down at her outfit she blinked, he wasn't wrong. Her light blue tank top, covered by a pure white half t, her tan shorts and light blue sandals all matched, as did her nails of white. 'I guess so, nothing wrong with it though.' And her father didn't respond, she guessed it had offended him in some messed up way. Reaching a rusty, dark blue, taped up truck she gaped a little. The door took a while to open and on the inside the was a mess. 'How long have you had this car?' She asked him, sitting down with disgust on the torn seat. 'A good while, still runs fine though.' Omg you need to get me out of here. My dad has a tin bucket for a car and I'm only getting 2 bars!! Sent to Katie. Putting her rose pink IPhone 6 back in her pocket she sat perfectly still as her dad started up the car. It gave loud sputters of disagreement, a loud bang, and then jumped to life in a sudden jerk that made her want to follow the bus again. 'Don't worry sweetie, you'll love it here.' Her dad put a hand on hers, smiling toward her as they drove down toward the woods. 

'It'll be a summer to remember.'

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