A Summer to Remember

Ever wanted one of those cute summer flings that turn into something dangerous? Nope, neither did I.
But we don't always get what we want...


3. Dads Talk


Dads Talk


Brittany's POV


  The first thing that gave this away from being a bad talk was the second car parked in the dirt drive way. This wasn't happening. There was no way he was going to do this to me. Marching through the front door I spotted three people; I only knew one. 'Dad, what the hell is going on?' My father's smile did not make me feel any better about this, the two people in the room were new. A women, and a teenage guy. 'Sweetie, come in and sit down.' I did not; I remained standing. 

  The lady blinked her brown eyes and got to her feet, moving toward me. 'You must be Brittany, I've heard so much about you.' She tried to give me a hug but I shoved her back, I was not going to let this lady touch me; and she seemed to understand. 'Right, I'm sure you're wondering what's going on..' My father said calmly, I shook my head. 'You're replacing mom. It's not that hard to see dad.' He sighed deeply, taking the lady's hand. 'Your mothers moved on, why shouldn't I?' 

   This wasn't right, this wasn't happening. I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes and I quickly ran out the front door again, ignoring my dad's yells for me to come back home. Wiping my eyes I ran, not even sure where I was headed or who I would talk to; all I knew was I needed to get as far away as possible. And to do that I needed someone who knew this place. 

  Hey, it's Brittany from the cafe. 

  Oh, hey :) I didn't expect to hear so soon doll.

  His respond came quickly, I blinked at the word doll; my stomach giving a flutter. 

  Well it turns out I'm unneeded at home, there any cool places around here?

  Actually I'm at home rn, you could come over if you want.

  His house? Did he meant that? A second text from him gave me my answer. 

   Jking doll, meet back at the cafe in 5.

   Giving a small laugh I headed back into town, putting my phone into my pocket; well Dylan's jacket pocket. I had only just reached the cafe when I spotted Dylan, holding a drink in his hands. 'You didn't have too.' I blinked, seeing him hold it out to me as he walked over. 'I made you drop yours, just take it.' 'So, where are we going?' I sipped the drink as I followed him back out, ignoring the buzzing of my phone. 'Well, I'm guessing you're new around here, so I'm taking you to see the falls.' Falls? As in water falls? 'Hope you don't mind, it's a walk there.' 

   His eyes glanced down at my sandals, as if thinking I couldn't handle it. 'I'll be fine, trust me.' Folding my arms I gave him a grin, Dylan just laughed. We began to walk out towards the end of the town, I sniffled once or twice. 'You alright? I know I don't know you or anything but you seem upset and you texted me about being unneeded. I'm a good listener.' 'It's nothing, he just didn't need my help anymore and I hit my toe.' 

  It was clear he didn't believe me but I didn't really care, I wasn't going to give my life story to some random cowboy I had just met. We walked for a good while, and in that time I managed to look him over without being caught. Other than the fact that he had perfectly tanned skin, a fit body, good style, sweet eyes and brown hair with dimples when he or the accent that was strong on him there was nothing to like. Wait, what was I saying? I couldn't fall in love with someone, I had promised myself I wouldn't. 

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