One wrong choice (On hold)

One wrong choice is about young Michael, who hasn't had the best childhood. He has made a lot of bad choices, but none, which he had regretted as bad as this one. Then a new guy starts at one of his jobs, and Michael is put on teaching him the job. His name is Jaiden, also young man, who is gonna change Michaels life forever. Some say for the better, some say for the worse. Is ts gonna be a happy ending?

Hey there. So this is my first real story. It has a littel yaoi in it, so don't read it if you don't like it. It's noy gonna be exstreme, but I will give it a try. (It's my first time writing it) I can say this in advance, the ending is not the typical happe ending. You mich get ready to cry a littel.


8. The truth coming out

Michaels POV

I don't why I wanted to indroduce Jaiden. I just wanted to. "So, who is this good looking man?" Rose asked. She was klinging to Lorens arm. I sighed. She was been her usual self, but a the wrong time. Jaiden was looking down and blushing. He was so cute, but I didn't show it. I knew, if I showed it, both Jaiden and i will never be left alone by these two. "Jaiden, this is Rose and Loren. Loren, Rose, this is Jaiden. He is a new coworker of mine, and new in town. I am showing him a littel around. Try not to be to eager. He is very shy." Loren gave him the hand and gretted him. "Hi Jaiden. I'm Loren. Nice to meet you." Rose gave him the hand as well, not letting go af Lorens arm. "Yeah, nice to meet you. Hop you don't minde me asking you a few questions." She chuckled.

Jaidens blush had wanished a littel and it calmed me down. "I din't mind. I would like to ask you a question too, if you don't mind." I just begged, he knew what he was doing. Rose can be a littel... How do you put it? Hyper, eager, very full of life. Stuff like that. "Sure. Just ask." There was a short break. "Are you two together? Like a couple?" What? How did he figur it out so fast? I wasn't the only one chocked. Bothe Loren and Rose were chocked too. Loren was the first to say something. "Yes. How did you know?" Now Jaiden was chocked. Like he didn't think he was right. "I, uh. It's not that hard to see. I mean. The way you talk and look at each other. And of course, the fact that Rose is klinging to Your arm like that."

He really knew, what he was talking about. I haven't noticed it, most likely because I knew already. But now that I think about it, it is pretty obvious. Rose sundenly became serius. It's a rare sight, so she must really be thinking of something. She came up clouse to his face. You could see he was suprised and blushing a littel. "It's a good observation. We walk like this out on the streets, but nobody notice or say anything. We had to tell Adam that we were gay. It came as a chock to him. He really didn't see it coming. Most people don't. So, what are you gay or something? Only gay people can recognise gay people."

Her face was serius, and his face, neck and ears were lobster red. He was blushing madly. I had to do something. "Rose! It's not something you just ask a guy you just met. Keep your weidness to yourself, will ya?" I turned to face Jaiden, who still was blushing like hell. "Hey sorry about that man. She can get a littel, or a lot weird, when it comes to being gay. Hop she didn't scare you to must." His blushing face didn't faid, and he kept his glance rested on the flour. When I finalt realist, what that meant, I started blushing too. Then I heard Roses voice behind me. "No way. You are gay." He is gay. "That's amazing." Jaiden is gay. "I knew you were to good to be true." But is doesn't matter. Right? "You are all to good looking to be in to girls." Rose just couldn't keep her mouth shut.

Loren broke my thoughts. "Rose, that's enough. You are scaring the bour boy. Give him some space." Mabye it's time for them, or os, to go. "I think it's time for you to go. Don't you have a movie to get to?" Rose didn't like taht idea. You could see it the way she put her lower lip out. But I knew I was right. They always went to the movies at this time in the weekend. Loren just chuckled. "Come on Rose, or we will be late again." Rose was still a littel mad, but went with Loren out the door. Now it was just me and Jaiden alone in the shop. 

"Sorry about that man. They, or Rose, can be a littel to much sometimes." Jaiden remained silence. Was he afraid I wouldn't want to see him again, becaouse I knew hw was gay? "You look like you could need some drinks. What do you say? Want to go to a bar with me? We still need to get some lunch too." His head shot up. His eyes were red. He looked like he was on the edge to tears. "You-you don't mind that I'm gay? You still want to-to be my-my friend?" The tears was beginning to form in his eyes. I had to something to stop them from fall. I didn't want to see him cry. "Yeah. I don't see a problem. I like you. You seem like a good person. Besides, Rose and Loren are gay, and I don't mind that. If you ask me, gay people are the best people. They understand everyone, and they have the best heart. Come on. What do you say? I think you definitely need a drink or two."

I gave him a smile, and the tears came falling down. He gave me a smile and said "Thank you Michael. I am happy to have a friend like you. The most people who know I'm gay, starts avoiding me. I've been alone so long, that I have become a littel scared of other people. That's some of the reason I didn't tell you. But I'm happy. I finaly have a friend." The tears didn't stop, and I could see he had trouble stopping them. All I could do was take him in my arms. He was cute, when he cryed happy tears. WHAT! I really need to stop thinkong like that. It's getting on my nervs, and freaking me out. But I still can't help it. And I don't know why. One thing I do know is, that I don't want to lose him. Never.

After Jaiden finally had calmed down a little and stop crying, we went out to get something to drink and eat. My shift had ended short after Rose and Loren had arived, so it was fine for me to go. I hop I never ever lose Jaiden. I see so much of me in him, I care about him, and I have this weird warm feeling every time we are together. It's weird, but I like it.

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