One wrong choice (On hold)

One wrong choice is about young Michael, who hasn't had the best childhood. He has made a lot of bad choices, but none, which he had regretted as bad as this one. Then a new guy starts at one of his jobs, and Michael is put on teaching him the job. His name is Jaiden, also young man, who is gonna change Michaels life forever. Some say for the better, some say for the worse. Is ts gonna be a happy ending?

Hey there. So this is my first real story. It has a littel yaoi in it, so don't read it if you don't like it. It's noy gonna be exstreme, but I will give it a try. (It's my first time writing it) I can say this in advance, the ending is not the typical happe ending. You mich get ready to cry a littel.


3. I am going mad

I think I am going mad. He only gets cuter and cuter. I am positiv I don't like guys. Mabye it's just an instingt, that tells me he is a really good guy. That must be it.

Jaiden didn't know what to order, so I ended ordering the same thing to him. We sat at the shop windue so we could talk. "So first of all, I would like to give you a heads up." I looked at him before I continued. "Don't come late! I just got late and boss wasn't happy, at all. Just remember to get there, when you are suppose to." It took some time, but Jaiden finally heard the sarcasme in me voice. He laughed a bit before saying "You almost got me there. For a second I thought you would say something, that was really importened." Of course he new not to come late, everyone knows that. I do to, but hey, shit happens.

"So, anything imparticularly you would like to know, 'cause oftherwise it's not a hard job?" I took another sip of my frapputino, and omg it tastes soooo good. I had almost drank half of it, while Jaiden only had taken a few sips. "I don't know. I don't really know what this job is about. I just needed a job, so I had been sending job applications out, and got this job. You might think I'm naive, but I was navie. I needed a job badly, sooo..." I stopped him before he could say anything els. "Hey , don't swet it man. I've done the same thing. I have to jobs, just to pay my rent and live a normal life." "You do?" His face was chocked and confused. Was it really that hard to see me work to jobs and have a hard life.

"Hehe, yes. My rent is pretty high, and I am allergic to a lot of things, so I have to buy special food." I troke my neck. It was pretty enbarrassing. I'm lactose intolerant, and that shit is expensive. And on top of that, I have a small allergic reaction to peanuts. I once eat a bar which contained peanuts, and I got a bad reaction to it. These red things were all over my body and it itched. 

"He's lactose intolerant and allergic to peanuts. You should have seen him, when he eat a bar with peanuts. It was hilarious." Angle came done to our table with two plates with cake on. "Hey, don't say that! I ended at the hospital!" This time I blushed and Jaiden laughed. It seemed he wasn't so nerves anymore. Angle put the plates with cake in front of Jaiden and I. "Don't be such a weeny. You are alive, aren't you?" It seems Angle was in the mood of teasing me. "... Yes" "Then there was nothing to be worried about."

I got a sneaky smile on my face. "I remember a littel gril, afraid of me dieing, and you say there was nothing to be worried about." Her face became bright red. She tured her head with a hymf, and left os. Jaiden then said a littel confused, I think, "W-we didn't order this." Cute. Angle turned her head agenst os again. "I know. It's on the house. Good luck with your new job, Jaiden. You are gonna need it, when you are working with Adam." I just gave her a stare and muttered "Gut it out." 

After we aet our cake and I long ago had finished my frappuctino, Jaiden said out of the blue "This actually tasts quite good. Thanks for taken me here. I've got a hole new view on this place, so thank you." Blushing a bit I replied "You welcome." 

Then the awkward silence began. Jaiden just kept taking sips of the frappucino and either of us looked at each other. When I finaly looked at Jaiden, I thought he didn't looked comfortable. "Since it's monday, and you are working tomorrow too, then come tell me if there is something you aren't sure of. Though, I will first be working at 10, but stil." His face lighted up. I mich not know the guy, but I really thought eh could be a good friend. I needed to introduce him to my friends. They are gonna love him.

"Hey Michael..." I was starting to get my things together, when he spoke. "Yes, what is it?" His face was quite red. I wondered what the matter was. "Is it okay if I get your number? I would like to call you, if I have any more questions." Now i see. He was enbarrassed over asking for my number. I can't come over how cute he was. Is it okay for a guy, to think another guy is cute? "What a good idea! I was actually thinking the exact same thing. Good you asked, Jaiden." I gave him a friendly smile, and it seemed to help on the embarrassment.

When I finally got home to my own apartment, I was done. Even when I didn't really got any work done, I was so tired. I looked over to see what time is was. Holly shit, it's already 10 pm! It's time for me to go to bed. If I'm lucky, I can get some sleep tonight. While I laid in my bed, the last thing I thought of, was Jaiden. He had been blushing almost the entire time. I feld bad for him. Was he really that shy around other people? Mabye I should ask boss about him tomorrow, or mabye I should just ask him myself, or perhaps I should let it be? I can't let it be, there must be a reason he reacts this way.

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