One wrong choice (On hold)

One wrong choice is about young Michael, who hasn't had the best childhood. He has made a lot of bad choices, but none, which he had regretted as bad as this one. Then a new guy starts at one of his jobs, and Michael is put on teaching him the job. His name is Jaiden, also young man, who is gonna change Michaels life forever. Some say for the better, some say for the worse. Is ts gonna be a happy ending?

Hey there. So this is my first real story. It has a littel yaoi in it, so don't read it if you don't like it. It's noy gonna be exstreme, but I will give it a try. (It's my first time writing it) I can say this in advance, the ending is not the typical happe ending. You mich get ready to cry a littel.


7. Books and new people

I had to get my shit together. I kept staring at him, while he worked. At least I'm not blushing like crasy like I used to. But he's sooo hot, I can't help it. I can't get him out of my head. He is gonna be the deah of me. 

We had been at his work for a good hour or so. A few people had come and gone. None really asked for help, they just look around, found the book they were lokking for and paid for it. I didn't bother him either. I didn't wanted to be a burden, so I kept quite. The book I was reading, was of my liking, I just couldn't keep my shit together to read it.

Michael had found it to me. At first, it looked borring, but when I began read the first few lines, I liked it. And that's when it went wrong. He found a book for me, that I really liked, and I would never had picked that book, ever. We had spent three hours getting to know each other and all, but I never would had guessed he would actually find a book of my liking. Why did he has to be so damn perfect?

Just as he was about to look at me, the door opened and two girls came ind. They looked too happy and almost ran Michael down. I almost fell down the chair I was sitting in. "ADAM!!! It's been so long since last time we saw each other!" One of the girls said while still holding around him pretty tight. I was jealous, but the look on Michaels face helped a littel. He didn't look to pleased about the situation. "Rose! To. Tight." The girl, Rose, didn't let go. I were so busy looking at Michael, that I didn't noticed the other girl approach them. Not until she spoke. "Sorry about that Adam. We just came from a Starbuck. You know how she gets, when she has been drinking coffee." A smile showed on her face. "It's okay. But next time, send a tekst befor you get here, so I can prepare." He said smiling.

That's when I noticed I was looking at me. Though I was blushing, I didn't look away. His smile kind of lock me. It wasn't until he was right in front of me, I came out of the trance I was in. "Hey Jaiden. I would like to introduce you these fine young ladies." I got up, walking up to the two girls, that was looking a littel confuced. Happy I wasn't the only one. "So, who is this good looking man?" Rose asked. Blushing even more, I looked down. I had never gotten a compliment form a girl befor. I didn't know how to react and I wasn't interested in girls in that way. And I'm afraid I'm in love with Michael. 

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